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The US Extends Border Crossing Closure for Canadians

By CaseyDecember 29, 2021

The United States government announced plans to extend the closure of land borders with both Canada and Mexico to August 21st.

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US Temporarily Restricts Visitor Travel from India

By Ella BergquistDecember 20, 2021

A temporary restriction on people entering the US from Canada. Temporary and Permanent Residents still allowed entry.

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Temporary Travel Ban from Numerous Countries to Stop COVID-19 Spread

By Ella BergquistDecember 20, 2021

A new travel restriction has been placed to ban visitors from several countries with high numbers of COVID-19 cases.

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New US Immigration Policy Based on Communist Party Affiliation

By SierraOctober 18, 2020

The USCIS issued a new us immigration policy that addresses inadmissibility based on affiliation with the Communist Party.

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How Coronavirus Has Impacted International Couples

By SierraSeptember 21, 2020

As the pandemic and spread of COVID-19 has slowed down, many are still being impacted, especially international couples. Learn more!

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No-Blank Policy for US Applicants

By SierraAugust 12, 2020

USCIS introduced the No-Blank Policy to US immigration that began rejecting applications unless every single field was filled in.

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Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility for US Applicants

By SierraAugust 9, 2020

Since the 1800s, Congress announced that aliens are inadmissible to the US  if they need government benefits without becoming  public charges.

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Need to Enter the US When the Borders are Closed? Get the VisaPlace Entry Package!

By Ella BergquistMay 22, 2020

VisaPlace is offering a special Entry to the US Package for those who want to enter the US during it’s travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

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Travel Restrictions Between Canada and US to be Extended

By CaseyDecember 29, 2021

Canada and the United States have come to an agreement to extend the travel restrictions between the two in order to continue the fight against coronavirus.

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What is an I-212 Application/Waiver?

By SierraMay 20, 2020

Many foreigners find themselves in unlucky situations that makes them open to deporatation or removal from the US. The I-212 Form is used for relief!

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Is US Immigration Closed?

By Ella BergquistApril 23, 2020

The US President threatens to close US Immigration but in reality only a small amount of US Immigration programs are affected. Find out which ones here.

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Trump Executive Order Suspending US Immigration: What This Really Means and What You Should Do

By CaseyApril 23, 2020

President Trump signed executive order to suspend some US immigration in the midst of the Coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know

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