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Welcome to our Immigration News! We hope you enjoy up-to-date information about Canada and US Visas. Learn about the latest updates about Canadian Immigration and the latest updates about US Immigration. 

Immigration is consistently changing in both the United States and Canada. We have compiled the latest updates on visas and immigration news. 

VisaPlace Latest Immigration News for Canadian and US Immigration.

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New Tech to Speed Up Spousal and Partner Sponsorship Wait Times

By CaseyJune 4, 2024
Family ImmigrationSpouse/Partner

IRCC wants to make it easier and faster for families to reunite in Canada. They plan to do so by using new computer technology to process applications for spouses and partners who want to come to Canada. This technology will help check applications more quickly, so people won’t have to wait as long to be together. Who […]

Maple leaf from the flag of Canada Express Entry 297 May 31, 2024 Total Invitations Issued: 3000 Lowest Qualifying Score: 522

Express Entry Draw May 31, 2024 #297 – Latest CRS Score

By CaseyJune 3, 2024
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

Canada Express Entry Draw May 31, 2024 #297 The latest Express Entry Draw took place on May 31st, 2024, which was the 297th Express Entry Draw. This was a Canadian experience class draw. The draw offered: 3,000 ITA 522 cut-off score (CRS minimum) CEC This is the second Express Entry draw of May 2024. Canada is […]

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IRCC Boosts Family Reunification Efforts for Palestinians in Gaza

By CaseyMay 30, 2024
ResourcesFamily ImmigrationPolicy

In a move to facilitate family reunification, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has expanded its temporary special measures for Palestinian extended family members residing in Gaza. The program, initially launched in January with a target of processing 1,000 temporary resident visa (TRV) applications, will now extend its reach to 5,000 applications. Supporting Family Reunification in Challenging Times Immigration Minister […]

Maple leaf from the flag of Canada Express Entry 296 May 30, 2024 Total Invitations Issued: 2985 Lowest Qualifying Score: 676

Express Entry Draw May 30, 2024 #296 – CRS Score

By CaseyJune 3, 2024
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

Canada Express Entry Draw May 30, 2024 #295 The latest Express Entry Draw took place on May 30th, 2024, which was the 295th Express Entry Draw. This was a Provincial Nominee Program draw. The draw offered: 2,985 ITA 676 cut-off score (CRS minimum) PNP This is the first Express Entry draw of May 2024. Canada is […]

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New Bill Proposed to Expand Canadian Citizenship by Descent

By CaseyMay 29, 2024
Permanent ResidencyCanadian Citizenship

Immigration Minister Marc Miller has introduced Bill C-71, a proposed amendment to the Citizenship Act, aimed at expanding eligibility for Canadian citizenship by descent. Currently, the law restricts citizenship transmission to the first generation born abroad, but this bill would allow second-generation Canadians born outside of Canada to pass on their citizenship to their children. Addressing ‘Lost Canadians’ and Fairness […]

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USCIS Updates Policy for Family-Based Immigrant Visa Petitions

By CaseyMay 28, 2024
Family Immigration

USCIS has updated its guidance in the Policy Manual regarding family-based immigrant visa petitions, effective May 22, 2024. These updates affect forms such as Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and, in limited cases, Form I-360 (Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant). The changes aim to streamline the processing of these petitions, particularly when there’s uncertainty about the beneficiary’s preference for consular […]

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Top 5 US States with the Most Immigrants

By CaseyMay 20, 2024
Work in the USResourcesFamily ImmigrationLiving in the US

The United States is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, a place where dreams of a new life find a home. Welcoming over 48 million individuals from around the globe, it stands as the world’s leading destination for those seeking new horizons. Immigration, the journey of relocating from one country to another, is driven by various factors. Some seek to reunite […]

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A Record-Breaking Boost for US Tourism, Employment, and Family Reunification

By CaseyMay 15, 2024
Work in the USFamily ImmigrationVisitor VisaStudy

The US State Department has reported a surge in visa issuances, reaching unprecedented levels in the first half of fiscal year 2024. Between October 2023 and March 2024, over 5.2 million visas were granted worldwide, surpassing all previous records for the same period. This achievement was made possible by technological advancements and streamlined processes, like […]

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Canada Parents and Grandparents Program Now Open

By CaseyMay 23, 2024
Family ImmigrationParent & Grandparent

On May 21st, 2024, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) began sending invitations to potential sponsors for the highly anticipated Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). They aim to issue 35,700 invitations and approve 20,500 applications. PGP 2024: Who’s Eligible? This PGP round will only consider potential sponsors who submitted their interest forms in 2020. This marks the […]


US Releases First Portion of Student Visa Appointments for Indian Students

By CaseyMay 8, 2024

Indian students will have an opportunity to book US student visa interviews starting in late May! The US Consulate announced the first round of appointments, with more expected in the coming weeks. This is welcome news, as the US remains a top choice for Indian students seeking international education. Despite the popularity of the US […]

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Top 5 United States Visa Types in 2024

By CaseyMay 6, 2024
Work in the USFamily ImmigrationVisitor VisaStudy

The US visa system opens doors to a world of possibilities, and understanding the most popular visa types in 2024 is your key to unlocking those opportunities. Whether you’re dreaming of a new career path, world-class education, a reunion with loved ones, or an exciting adventure, there’s likely a visa that fits your goals. Understanding […]

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Updates to Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program and Self-Employed Persons Programs

By CaseyApril 30, 2024
Working in CanadaBusiness Visa

Canada’s Immigration Minister has announced a reform of the Start-Up Visa program and a temporary stop to the Self-Employed Persons program that will take effect on April 30, 2024. Start-Up Visa Program Changes Limited Applications and Priority Processing To improve efficiency, the Start-up Visa program will cap how many applicants can be approved from each […]

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