Immigrate to Canada by Occupation

If you have job experience in an occupation that Canada is looking for, you may qualify to immigrate! Find out below how to immigrate by job.

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Popular Occupations for Canada Work Immigration

Accountant Immigration to Canada

Architect Immigration to Canada

Canada is allows looking for skilled workers which gives the perfect opportunity to those with architectural skills.

Find out how to immigrate to Canada as an architect!

Business Development Manager Immigration to Canada

Chef or Cook Immigration to Canada

Every year, chefs from all over the world come to Canada to work and start a new life.  In fact, given the cultural diversity and thus incredible variety of restaurant cuisines found in Canada, there are ongoing employment opportunities for almost every type of Chef looking to find work in Canada.

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Construction Manager Immigration to Canada

Dentist Immigration to Canada

Canada has a relatively stable economy, aided by their strong banking system. While banking in America and other notable countries has recently come under fire, Canada’s banking system has stayed relatively strong. In addition, the countries’ 7.3% unemployment rate is quite low. In other words, people have money to spend on dentists. Some provinces even include dental coverage under their universal health coverage. If you move to one of these provinces, you know that people have money to spend on dental work. Even the provinces that do not cover dental work are often covered through private employers. Therefore, you should have no trouble finding work. 

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Doctor Immigration to Canada

The Canadian government also has in place a Priority Occupation List where the skills available nationally, face a shortage. Specialist physicians, general practitioners and family physicians are part of this list. This makes it easier for skilled doctors immigrating to Canada. The basic requirement for visas for those who want to immigrate to Canada as doctors is a qualification from an approved medical school along with one or more years of work experience.

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Heavy-Duty Mechanic Immigration to Canada

Housekeeper Immigration to Canada

HR Manager Immigration to Canada

There are a few requirements when it comes to being an HR Manager Canada. Canada is always looking for experienced skill workers.

Find out how to immigrate to Canada as an HR Manager

IT Manager Immigration to Canada

Lawyer Immigration to Canada

Manager Immigration to Canada

Positions with management experience could include office managers, business development managers, IT managers, sales managers, retail managers, marketing managers, etc.

Find out how to immigrate to Canada as a manager

Merchandiser Immigration to Canada

Nanny Immigration to Canada

Moving to Canada as a nanny is becoming increasingly popular, and is an excellent life choice for many people. However, Canadian immigration is a complicated legal process, especially if you want to immigrate using a work visa. Canada does offer attractive opportunities for those who plan to live and work in the country using a work visa.

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Nurse Immigration to Canada

Petroluem Engineer Immigration to Canada

Physician Immigration to Canada

Receptionist Immigration to Canada

Sales Associate Immigration to Canada

Being a Sales Associate in Canada is in high demand. There is a wide variety of sales associate occupations to choose from.

Find out how to immigrate to Canada as a Sales Associate!

Sales Manager Immigration to Canada

Teacher or Professor Immigration to Canada

Migration can be an extremely long and tiring process regardless of which country you are attempting to enter. Depending on the overall motivation when applying for citizenship, some may have a slightly shorter waiting period than others. Federal skilled workers (FSW) are of greater value to a country and are therefore of a higher priority, especially in recession-proof industries. See the Canadian IELTS / Entry Program for more. For example, doctors, dentists, and teachers are professions that will always be necessary. That’s good news if you are a teacher wanting to immigrate to Canada

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Therapist Immigration to Canada

Truck Driver Immigration to Canada

What if there was a job that enabled you to travel all over the country with a good salary? You might say, “That sounds great, but I bet it’s a scam.” It’s not. The Canadian trucking industry needs drivers as the workforce ages or seeks employment opportunities closer to home. Newcomers to Canada with clean driving records are in demand. Learn what you need to know about truck driver visa requirements in Canada so you can find a steady, well-paying job in this field.

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Veterinarian Immigration to Canada

Veterinarians are highly skilled workers which Canada is always looking for. Veterinarians are paid well in Canada which is why many decide to move to the country!

Find out how to immigrate to Canada as a vet

Welder Immigration to Canada