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Temporary Foreign Worker Program for High Wage Earners

By CaseyNovember 20, 2019
Working in CanadaLMIA Work Permit

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is intended to be used when you are facing short-term skills and labour shortages, and only when no Canadians and permanent residents are available. Under the TFWP, employers may hire temporary foreign workers through multiple different kinds of streams. Here, we will describe what the high wage stream for temporary […]

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Immigrants in Canada Reach a New High Employment Rate

By Ella BergquistNovember 20, 2019
Working in Canada

One of most important step before immigrating or being a newcomer is your employment. Every year Canada’s employment rate for immigrants rise. This year in 2019, Canada has hit an all-time high for employed immigrants. This was surprising for many people because Canada has opened its doors for more immigrants but continued to employ more […]

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Success Story: Photographer Gets Working Holiday Visa

By Ella BergquistApril 18, 2019
Working in Canada

I lived in Chile but was interested in spending time traveling and working in Canada but I had not yet received any job offers. I had contacted VisaPlace in hopes they could help guide me in the right direction. Sure enough, VisaPlace helped me apply for a working holiday visa and get my open work […]

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Success Story: Immigrating as Chef

By Ella BergquistApril 15, 2019
Working in Canada

I have been a chef in Bangladesh for 11 years now. My brother became a permanent resident in Canada a few years ago, and I began to think about moving there myself. First, I wanted to visit to see if it was the right fit for me but I also needed to continue to work […]

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IEC International Co-op Internship: Canadian Immigration

By Ella BergquistMarch 26, 2019
Working in Canada

The International Co-op Internship allows foreign individuals to get valuable overseas work experience related to their field of study. This category is for you if: you’re a student registered at a post-secondary institution you have a job offer for a work placement or internship in Canada you need to do this work placement or internship […]

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IEC Young Professionals: Canadian Immigration

By Ella BergquistMarch 26, 2019
Working in Canada

International Experience Canada (IEC) provides youth with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. Gain Canadian professional work experience to better compete in a global economy. The IEC has a program called The Young Professionals, It allows young people from 22 countries to live and work in Canada for up to two years depending on the […]

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New Caregiver Programs Offer Permanent Residence

By Ella BergquistFebruary 25, 2019
Working in Canada

The Canadian government announced that they will be launching two new immigration pilot programs that aim at allowing caregivers to come into Canada with their families. After these individuals and their families come to Canada they will have the opportunity to become Canadian permanent residents. The programs are planning to be opened from March 4, […]

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USMCA Immigration to Canada: Canadian Work Visas

By CaseyOctober 12, 2018
Working in Canada

On September 30, 2018, the United States, Mexico and Canada announced the completion of negotiations toward a new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The all new USMCA agreement or rather the United States – Mexico – Canada trade agreement will replace the old North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the end of 2018 or early 2019. While […]

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Working Holiday Visa for Canada 2019

By Ella BergquistAugust 27, 2018
Working in Canada

If you want to travel to Canada in order to experience all that Canada has to offer on a temporary basis, it can be difficult to ensure you have enough money to do so in advance. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work in Canada while also working so you could earn enough money […]

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Canada Increases Atlantic Immigration Pilot Application Approval 2018

By Ella BergquistJuly 23, 2018
Working in CanadaJob Opportunities

Canada has decided to increase the number of skilled working immigrants and their family members who can obtain permanent residence through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program by 500 more applicants. The total allowed immigrants who can be approved through this program is brought to 2,500. Ahmed Hussen, the Federal Immigration Minister, said that the program […]

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H-1B Visa’s Are Harder to Get, Canada Welcomes H-1B Seekers

By Ella BergquistJuly 18, 2018
Working in Canada

The H-1B visa program allows highly skilled workers from foreign countries (mostly from India and China) to live and work in the United States. This program has been a huge backdown for the thousands of US IT companies. For example, the booming tech industry in Silicon Valley rely on the H-1B program because more than […]

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How to Choose a NOC Code for Canadian Immigration 2019

By VisaPlace Immigration News Contributor- RachelJune 11, 2018
Working in Canada

What is the NOC and NOC Code in Canada? If you are applying to work in Canada on either a temporary or permanent basis, you will be required to identify an NOC code as part of your immigration application. The NOC code is a unique four digit code assigned by the National Occupational Classification (NOC) […]

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