How to Sponsor a Spouse to the United States

By Michael Niren May 21, 2013 (Updated December 19, 2019) 1 min. read
spousal sponsorship

One of the most popular ways of immigrating to the United States is through marriage to an American citizen or American permanent resident (green card holder). When you marry a United States citizen or green card holder, they are able to sponsor you to come to the United States as a permanent resident yourself.

However, spousal or family sponsorship is a difficult and lengthy process. Your sponsor will have to demonstrate that they have the means to be financially responsible for you, and you will both need to provide evidence to demonstrate your marriage is legitimate and not just for immigration purposes.

There are two main ways someone can apply.

How Your Spouse Can Sponsor You to Come to the United States

Method 1: If the spouse is outside of the United States, they would apply via the consular processing application method. The spouse will typically remain outside of the United States while the application is processed, and then the application will be forwarded to the United States consulate in the spouse’s country.

Method 2: The second method is the Adjustment of Status method which is for applicants who are already in the United States. These applicants are usually visitors or are on temporary visas such as work permits or student visas and they end up marrying a United States citizen. In these applications the applicant changes their status.

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Spousal sponsorship can be an especially nerve-wracking process because there is so much on the line! In order to set yourself up for the best chance of success, please speak with a licensed immigration lawyer at Niren & Associates before you apply.

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