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How to Spot Scammers Pretending to be VisaPlace

Legal services related to immigration can be exceedingly expensive, complex, and ever-changing. Immigrants are typically already at a disadvantage when looking for legal counsel and help since they are unfamiliar with the customs, politics, and legal system of the country they are seeking. Thousands of immigrants become victims of immigration fraud each year despite ongoing attempts.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Scammed?

You most likely won’t be able to determine straight away if they are skilled at being con artists, but there are a few telltale signs of immigration fraud:

Online Scams

Never pay for forms the government offers for free, and be wary of any service provider who wants payment for these supposedly free forms. Consider it a warning sign as well if a provider promises you a certain result for your case or circumstance.

Phone Scams

Never give your personal information to anyone who calls you and claims to be from the government.

Notary Scams

Check the credentials of anyone you are thinking of hiring to assist you with immigration concerns, especially if they are claiming to be an attorney or lawyer.

Visa Lottery Scams

Never give personal information to a company that contacts you about a visa lottery; such communications are almost certainly fraudulent.

Scammers to Watch Out For

Below are some examples of individuals and fake accounts you will want to look out for and avoid at all costs:


Always watch out for profiles claiming to be travel services who offer things similar as what the Instagram profile lists above.


This is also a fake Instagram profile we found that is not associated with VisaPlace. If you recieve a call from the number listed or if this Instagram account tried to reach out to you, do NOT answer.


VisaPlace does not send payment receipts like the one above.


Here is another example of a fake Instagram profile pretending to be a travel service agency and pretending to be one of our team members.


A fake VisaPlace twitter is shown above. VisaPlace does not have a WhatsApp number. VisaPlace’s only real Twitter handle is @VisaPlace, where you can find our correct phone numbers in order to reach us. 

The email above is also not associated with VisaPlace. Our email is