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Reviews and Ratings for VisaPlace and VisaPlace Legal Immigration Law Firm

We are committed to providing exceptional Canadian and US immigration services. Here's what our customers are saying about their experiences with VisaPlace and VisaPlace Legal.

When searching for an Immigration Professional it is important to look at the reviews of the company. Here at VisaPlace, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients have the best experience with us from the beginning to the end of the immigration process. 

We often get asked questions like this: 

Is VisaPlace Legitimate?

Yes! VisaPlace has been in business for 25+ years. We have helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada and the United States. 

Is VisaPlace Fake?

No! VisaPlace is not a fake business. VisaPlace hires fully licensed US and Canadian lawyers and consultants

Is VisaPlace Real?

Yes! VisaPlace is a real business that provides immigration services to Canada and the United States. VisaPlace Legal hires licensed US and Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants who provide immigration support.

How Good is VisaPlace?

VisaPlace has over 1,000 reviews from clients who can explain how great their experience was. We provide customers with effective results, communication, and support throughout their entire immigration journey.

How Geniune is VisaPlace?

VisaPlace is a genuine company that provides sufficient immigration services. VisaPlace also hires genuine immigration lawyers, attorneys, and consultants.

Over 1,100 Reviews on Google

Read our over 1,100 reviews on Google! We have helped thousands of individuals immigrate to the US and Canada every year and encourage them to leave a review of our service. You can read below some examples of reviews that our clients have left of VisaPlace.

Surya Jana Avatar

Surya Jana

VisaPlace is a reliable Immigration law firm that you can count on. Initially, very skeptical with the transfers, however they know how to deal. Reena Sandhu is very exceptional in achieving success. Frank is the one who initially who provided the hopeful thoughts.

Edward Lawrence Avatar

Edward Lawrence

VisaPlace is a reliable and effective immigration office. From the initial consultation to the successful resolution of my case, their team displayed expertise and dedication. They navigated the complexities of immigration law with ease, providing guidance and support. I wholeheartedly recommend VisaPlace to anyone seeking trustworthy immigration services.

Scotty Thompson Avatar

Scotty Thompson

Choosing VisaPlace was a wise decision for my immigration needs. Their team exhibited a deep understanding of immigration law, and their personalized approach made me feel supported and well-informed. The efficiency and professionalism of VisaPlace set them apart. I’m thankful for their assistance and highly satisfied with the results.

Mike Wiley Avatar

Mike Wiley

VisaPlace exceeded my expectations. The team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment in handling my immigration case. Their transparent communication and thorough approach instilled confidence in their services. I’m grateful for the positive outcome, and I highly recommend VisaPlace to others.

Alicia Oliver Avatar

Alicia Oliver

I had an outstanding experience with VisaPlace. The team’s expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the immigration process. They were responsive to my concerns and provided clear guidance every step of the way. VisaPlace is a trustworthy choice for anyone in need of immigration services.

Nicholas Mansfield Avatar

Nicholas Mansfield

VisaPlace is an exceptional immigration office. Their team provided invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of the immigration process. Their dedication, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge made a significant difference in my case. I highly recommend VisaPlace for anyone seeking reliable immigration services.

Steven Funes Avatar

Steven Funes

VisaPlace has been very helpful and ensured all of our processes were successful. They exhibit kindness, hard work, and dedication to finishing all projects. Definitely recommend!

Gregory Bauer Avatar

Gregory Bauer

My lawyer at VisaPlace was patient and understanding, despite English not being my first language. I find writing easier than speaking. She was patient and used language that was simple enough for me to understand without making me feel stupid. She answered all of my questions and provided very good legal advice.

Coleen Ward Avatar

Coleen Ward

As a skeptical individual, I sought legal counsel to ensure the efficiency of my immigration process from the UK to Canada. VisaPlace’s informative phone consultation really put my anxiety at ease. While there were occasional delays due to court appearances, their follow-ups were swift. I appreciate their legal support throughout my immigration journey and I’m excited to finally move and get on with my life.

Emma Brown Avatar

Emma Brown

Booking an appointment with VisaPlace was easy, and their pricing is fair when compared to other firms. They provided a realistic timeline, allowing me to make informed decisions. I’m grateful for their integrity and commitment.

Robert Stamper Avatar

Robert Stamper

I approached VisaPlace to help my parents obtain their visa, and they handled the process with professionalism and thoroughness. Their prompt responses and attention to detail made the experience positive for my family. I highly recommend their services.

Germaine Rogue Avatar

Germaine Rogue

After a negative experience with a different immigration firm, I was hesitant to seek help again. I was severely mistreated and felt taken advantage of. VisaPlace completely turned my perspective around. Their consultation put my worries to rest, and the entire process was smooth. I didn’t feel disrespected and they were very courteous of me. Their dedication is truly commendable.

Rhys Elliott Avatar

Rhys Elliott

Spoke with Mansi who was very helpful in providing us with information regarding visas into Canada. Was able to provide us with an honest assessment which is what you’re looking for when you’re going to make such a commitment, we will be speaking to her again when we plan our next step and would highly recommend reaching out to her if you are planning on making the same choice to move to Canada.

Princepius Mutaihwa Avatar

Princepius Mutaihwa

I hope and I believe, Visa Place is a best solution for my case, I assumed.
Though you made some changes to my lawyer team for my extension of study permit but I hope you did it for helping me. I am still waiting. My study permit will expire 31 July 2024 but currently I am in Canada. I am in the Philippines taking a program which is a part of my program at St. Augustine Major Seminary, Toronto University. I hope you will finalize my case in time before I come back to Canada, on August 1 2024. I send some emails.
Thank you, Peace

Kaomi Mitsu Avatar

Kaomi Mitsu

I want to immigrate to Canada to the US, and after my initial consultation with Mansi, I’m confident she’ll be able to help me make that dream a reality. She was incredibly patient with me (I’m very anxious and tend to ask a lot of questions) and sweet, not to mention informative. She gave me great recommendations and has been working closely with me to get my application going. If you’re looking to hop over the pond, I definitely recommend them!