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Canada Temporarily Bans Flights from India and Pakistan

By Ella BergquistJuly 19, 2021

Update: On July 19th, 2021 the India Flight Ban has been extended until August 21st, 2021. On Thursday, April 22 at 11:30pm Canada had a virtual press conference to announce the latest change in travel to Canada. Due to the surge of COVID cases in India and Pakistan, Canada has decided to temporarily ban any […]

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Checklist for Entering Canada in Spring 2021

By Ella BergquistMarch 18, 2021

The Canadian Border is open for several groups and types of individuals! If you are planning on visiting Canada or coming back home to Canada, there are several new travel requirements you must meet before entering Canada. Currently, Canada still has a restriction on people visiting Canada for tourism. If you are interested in finding […]

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Travellers Required 3-Night Stay at Canadian Hotel

By Ella BergquistFebruary 23, 2021

There are new travel measures being taken to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and its variants in Canada. The Canadian Government has kept the narrative that they strongly advise all Canadians to cancel or postpone any non-essential travel plans outside of Canada. Those who decide to travel by air outside of Canada for any […]

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Latest COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Canada

By SierraSeptember 15, 2021

September Update: Canada reopened their border to all fully-vaccinated travelers. Those coming to Canada must be fully-vaccinated, asymptomatic, and meet other travel requirements such as a negative pre-entry COVID test. Learn more about this new travel update for those coming from abroad. August Update: Canada opened their border to fully-vaccinated US tourists. Not only will travelers need […]

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Common-Law Couple Separated at Border Due to Lack of Proof

By SierraJuly 20, 2020

When immigrating to Canada with your common-law partner, there are necessary requirements and proof that you must show to successfully cross the border together. Unfortunately, for some couples especially during these unpredictable times, lack of common-law partner proof has separated them. Canadian-American couple Stephen and Cathy were separated at the border in June 2020 because […]

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Travel Restrictions Between Canada and US to be Extended

By CaseyJuly 6, 2021

*Visit our page on How to Cross the US/Canada Border During the Covid-19 Closure to learn more about updates on travel to Canada during this time.* Both Canada and the United States have settled on a plan to extend the ban on all non-essential travel between the two countries through June 21 in order to continue the […]

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Need to Enter Canada When the Borders are Closed? Get the VisaPlace Entry Package!

By Ella BergquistAugust 17, 2020

Do you want to enter Canada during its travel restrictions during COVID-19? You may be able to! VisaPlace is offering a special Entry Package offer to help you enter Canada while its borders are closed. Currently the Canadian border is closed to those who are not citizens, permanent residents, or have an essential reason to […]

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New Self-Isolation Plan for Those Returning to Canada

By CaseyMarch 5, 2021

Feb 2021 Update: As of Feb 3rd, new travel restrictions were put in place. Along with the negative COVID-19 test that is required before boarding your flight to Canada and 14-day quarantining there are a few new travel restrictions to stop the virus spread including a mandatory hotel stay, another COVID test, and more. Learn […]

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Recent COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Affecting Foreign Nationals

By SierraApril 22, 2020

Since the Coronavirus crisis broke nationwide, travel bans and restrictions have been instated. As we have done our best to keep you updated with the latest with these changes, it’s important to know how these travel bans are affecting foreign nationals based on circumstance. There are some individuals who fall under the exemption criteria: Immediate […]

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Is Immigration Application Processing Being Delayed in Canada due to Coronavirus?

By SierraApril 2, 2020

As the coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has been impacting Canadian immigration, immigration officials are still proceeding to accept and process immigration applications. Canada has recently refined the special coronavirus prevention measures affecting immigrants and their families. Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is still processing immigration and citizenship applications, taking measures to avoid delays […]

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Are Immigration Applications Still Being Processed in Canada?

By SierraApril 2, 2020

Yes! Canada is still processing immigration applications. Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, the IRCC has temporarily canceled in-person services including citizenship ceremonies, citizenship tests, retests, and itinerant service trips until April 13th. ONLY Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and some foreign nationals traveling from the United States who have been in the US for at least 14 days and […]

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Can Temporary Residents Travel to Canada During Coronavirus Travel Ban?

By CaseyMarch 25, 2020

Canada had announced previously that the only people allowed to enter Canada will be Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada. Recently they retracted their statement by exempting International Students and Foreign Workers. International students are exempt from Canada’s Coronavirus travel ban as long as they have a valid study permit or have been approved for […]

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