The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Want to immigrate to Canada? The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program allows employers to recruit skilled workers abroad to fill labour gaps and become permanent residents.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Introduced in March of 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) works to recruit newcomers to the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. While most immigrants have been drawn to the most populous cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, a great deal of work opportunity exists in these provinces, and this program offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for employers and immigrants alike.

How Does it Work?

As of November 2017, more than 650 Atlantic employers have become designated participants. They have recommended over 750 workers throughout the four provinces and 122 permanent resident applications have been submitted.

  1. Employers from Atlantic Canada interested in participating in the AIP program to fill a full-time position will contact the Provincial Immigration Office to express interest. The employer is not required to fill out a labour market assessment to prove a labour or skill shortage.
  2. Employer must contact and work with a local settlement agency to develop a settlement plan for prospective immigrants to ensure all their needs will be met.
  3. Employer applies to the province to become a designated employer and is designated by the Atlantic Province.
  4. Employer may now recruit immigrants and recent international graduates who meet program and job criteria.
  5. Employer connects recruit with the local settlement agency so that they may create a settlement plan together. Once the plan is complete it is sent to the employer.
  6. Employer completes the endorsement application to send to the province.
  7. Province reviews and approves the application, and sends a letter of endorsement to the candidate.
  8. Candidate completes the permanent resident application and sends to IRCC along with all required documentation.
  9. IRCC processes the application. It is fast-tracked and processed typically within six months.
  10. Upon approval, the candidate along with their family may come to Canada.