Temporary Travel Ban from Numerous Countries to Stop COVID-19 Spread

By Ella Bergquist January 25, 2021 (Updated December 20, 2021) 2 min. read
COVID Travel Restrictions USA
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President Biden signed new travel restrictions on Monday, January 26, 2021 to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The temporary ban was created to prevent most non-citizens of the US to enter if they have recently been to any largely infected country. Some countries have a new strain of COVID-19 that will be deadly to the US.

Which Countries are Banned from Entering the US?

Most foreign nationals who have been in any of the following countries during the last 14 days may not enter the United States:

Anyone from one of these countries above or traveled to these countries in the last 14 days on a nonimmigrant (temporary) visa will be barred at the border.

Who Can Enter the United States During the Travel Restrictions?

There are specific situations that would allow a citizen from those banned countries to enter the United States.

If you are the following, you may enter or return to the United States during the travel restrictions:

No matter who enters the United States, whether you’re a citizen or noncitizen, everyone must pass a negative COVID test before arriving in the United States.

How to Enter the US if You’re Not a US Citizen

If you are from one of the banned countries and must travel to the United States you can request an individual exeception or waiver. It is possible to ask the US government to make an exception if your entry would:

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