Need to Enter the US When the Borders are Closed? Get the VisaPlace Entry Package!

By Ella Bergquist May 22, 2020 (Updated May 22, 2020) 1 min. read
Enter the US Immigration Lawyer

Do you want to enter the United States during its travel restrictions during COVID-19? You may be able to!

VisaPlace is offering a special Entry Package offer to help you enter the US while its borders are closed.

Currently the United States has travel restrictions for many foreigners in efforts to keep the Coronavirus contained. Many immigrants are running into issues at the border with not being able to enter.

Thousands of people are being denied entry to the US at the border or at the airport restricting them from entering the US. The only way around this is by hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you before applying to enter the United States during the travel restriction. VisaPlace will match you with an immigration lawyer to help create a perfect entry package to present to the US government requesting entry to the country.

What the Entry Package Includes

Our immigration lawyers comb through your specific case to find the details that will allow you to make your case to the US government. We will provide legal notice to the government stating why you should be allowed into the US on a circumstantial case.

  1. Organize the client’s scenario
  2. State that we know that the current law excludes the client’s case
  3. Explain why the client should be allowed in given their current situation
  4. Provide evidence of the client case to show that they should be exempt from the travel restrictions

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Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer to Enter the US

United States Immigration is not closed but many are running into issues at the border which is why it is important to have legal representation to protect you fro any issues. Most US Immigration programs are still open!

If you have been traveling or believe you may have problems at the US border then you must present your case to the US government requesting their permission to allow you to enter the US. Our immigration lawyers have 20+ years of experience in presenting cases to the government by representing our clients.

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