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Customers from Afghanistan who are looking for help with immigration to Canada or the US are invited to call our office so that we can assist as best as possible.

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VisaPlace is the perfect place to start your path to immigration.

We'd love to learn more about you so we can determine the best way to help.

Anything you choose to share with us is completely confidential.

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  • Choose from the options below. You may be eligible for more than one stream, but choose the one you think is best. Click the icon in the corner to learn more about each stream.

    Permanent Residency

    Permanent Residency allows someone to live and work in the country legally but is not a citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries.

    Express Entry

    Express Entry is an immigration selection system for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. Eligible candidates complete an online profile which will include various details about themselves, including their skills, their language ability, education and previous work experience, and more.

    Family Sponsorship

    Family sponsorship is available to people who have eligible relatives living in the country that are citizens or permanent residents.

    Work Visa

    A work permit allows you to legally live and work in Canada on a temporary basis. Often these permits will be linked to a specific company sponsoring you.

    Visitor Visa

    For people who want to visit Canada for tourism or business and are coming from countries that require visitor visas.

    Study Permit

    If you've been accepted to a Canadian college or university, a study permit will allow you to live and do some work in Canada while studying.

    Business/Investor Visa

    Investors and business owners who would like to invest in a Canadian business


    For people who need help applying for Canadian citizenship.

    I've Overstayed my Visa

    If you have overstayed your temporary visa, either intentionally or by mistake.

    I've Been Denied Entry or Deported

    If you've been denied entry at the border, have had your application refused, if you are going to be or have been deported or another urgent problem.


    If you’re worried about getting admitted to Canada for any reason.

    I'm Not Sure

    If you are unsure which pathway is best for you, select this option! You can still discuss your case with an immigration professional and get advice about which type of immigration will work best for you.

    Why we ask: Your education may help your eligibility for some streams but not all of them.

    Why we ask: You may have additional immigration options if you are able to invest in a business.

    Why we ask: Having a job offer may help with certain visa categories but not all of them. So don’t worry if you don't have one.

      Why we ask: We need to understand these details about your job offer in order to assess your eligibility for a work visa.


    Able to communicate with accuracy and fluency, participating fully in conversations on a variety of topics.


    Able to communicate with accuracy and fluency in most conversations, occasionally making errors or missing vocabulary.


    Can handle basic conversations talking about familiar topics related to their daily life, but often uses improper grammar and missing some words.


    Communicate in short messages on highly predictable, everyday topics that affect them directly, but may be unable to hold a regular conversation.

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    OK, let's quickly recap Name: You're from Canada and are living in Canada. You indicated "Permanent Residence" as the immigration matter you're interested in for Canadian Immigration.

    Please share any other details that you think are important for us to know about you and your situation. What you share with us will remain confidential. *

      Excellent, thank you Name. Please complete your contact details below.

    Thank You, Name

    A representative will be in touch with you soon. We offer the immigration service options outlined below to help our customers get the right immigration help.

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    Visa Consult

    Starting At$49 CAD

    or $ 49 USD

    Understand your immigration options, costs and timelines.*

    • Professional consultation
    • Eligibility evaluation
    • Eligibility questions answered
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    Visa Assist

    Starting At$999 CAD

    or $ 750 USD

    Professional guidance for your immigration application process.*

    • An initial Professional Consultation
    • Immigration Plan
    • Application Forms
    • Document Review
    • Final Pre-submission Application Review Meeting
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    VisaPlace for Business

    Contact usfor a Quote

    Top rated corporate immigration services supporting all types of businesses and organizations.*

    • Consultation Meeting
    • Document Review
    • Forms & Guide
    • Professional Review
    • Welcome Package
    • Document Mgmt.
    • File Review
    • Submission & tracking
    • Full Q&A
    • Interview Preparation
    • Representation

    *US Visa meetings are for client intake purposes only. No legal advice will be rendered. All such matters will be referred to a licensed US Attorney for any legal services retained. All legal work is conducted by independent licensed lawyers or immigration consultants.

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