VisaPlace Statement about the Coronavirus Impact

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and it's impact on US and Canadian Immigration. Learn about VisaPlace's special COVID-19 Relief Program that offers Immigration at an all-time low price.

Latest Updates: Canada Coronavirus Impact or US Coronavirus Impact

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VisaPlace understands this is a hard time for everyone. The good news is that immigration applications are STILL BEING PROCESSED AND ACCEPTED. We don’t want you to lose out on this opportunity.  And once the crisis passes, it is expected there will be a HUGE influx of applicants that will result in longer than than normal delays. If you apply now, you can avoid lines and fast track your visa case. 

VisaPlace is on the list of designated services that can remain open during the Covid-19 mandatory business closures. Many people are applying to IRCC and USCIS so now is the time to get your own application in!

Both Canada and the US are processing and approving visa applications! Apply now before it is too late. 

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Latest Canadian Coronavirus Immigration Update

Latest US Coronavirus Immigration Update

Message from CEO Michael Niren

Hello everyone. This is Michael Niren, CEO of VisaPlace. We are all going through uncertain times and here at VisaPlace we are taking the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients.

The GOOD NEWS is that despite the headlines, this is a great time to apply for your visa! The reason is that many people are afraid to do anything and so the number of new visa applications will likely slow down or already has. This means that once the virus crisis passes, expect a HUGE influx and demand for visa applications that may flood the system. That is a situation you do not want to be in. So NOW is the BEST time to apply. If you get a head of the rush, your application will be finalized much sooner than those who wait. This has always been true but is especially the case now during these challenging times.

So feel free to call us or visit us as to arrange for an “anti-virus” consultation at a 25% discount (from the comfort of your own home) with one of our immigration professionals.

We wish you all the best and good health.

Michael Niren

CEO VisaPlace.

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