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Canadian Police Greeting Illegal Immigrants from US With A Smile and An Arrest

The Increase of Americans Denied Entry to Canada Unlike the traditional belief of America becoming the hardest country to immigrate to, Canada has shown new statistics to prove otherwise. Since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadians have been turned away from the US border less than the previous years+. Numbers from the Canada […]

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Breaking News: Trump Might Change Immigration System Modeled after Canada

On February 28th Donald Trump set speech to the second session of Congress. The President quoted: “Nations around the world, like Canada, Australia and many others –- have a merit-based immigration system.  It is a fundamental principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially.  In America, we […]

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How to Migrate from India to Canada

The India to Canada immigration has a fascinating history spanning over many years. Starting with just a few immigrants landing ashore in Vancouver and British Columbia, Indo-Canadians now make up one of Canada’s largest and most well-advanced immigrant communities. Why do many Indians immigrate to Canada? Indians immigrate to Canada for many different reasons, it […]

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The One Rule You May Have Forgot At Customs

Be Prepared to Provide Your Social Media Accounts In June, 2016, the United States Department of Homeland Security devised a new law that foreign travelers may be required to give their social media accounts to the United State Immigration authorities. This rule is exclusive for travelers who are coming into the United State on the […]

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Immigration Policy Review for Temporary Foreign Workers

Immigration news update: We have some very exciting news to share with you today: the Government of Canada has promised to look into its foreign worker policy. Under the new liberal government, we have seen quite a few positive changes and we are hoping more will follow. Here are some of the changes: There were better […]

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4 Surprising Reasons You’ll Be Denied Entry to Canada

Espionage, terrorism, and crimes against humanity seem like obvious reasons you’ve been denied entry to Canada. And many of Canada’s reasons for inadmissibility, as outlined on the government of Canada’s website, are very straightforward. But some can come as a surprise to those who don’t know all of the rules. Here are 3 surprising things […]

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Pregnant With a Canadian Citizen? You May Still Be Denied Entry to Canada

Despite the fact that one of the mandates of Canadian immigration involves uniting diasporic immigrant families, there’s no guarantee Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will approve your sponsorship case just because you’re pregnant with the child of a Canadian citizen. In fact, even if one of your children is already a Canadian citizen, your application […]

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5 Little Known Facts About Immigrating to New York City

Five Facts About Immigrating to the Big Apple New York is one of the capital cities of the world, drawing tens of millions of people to the Big Apple in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. Considering the vast amount of money and the huge population within the state, New York is a prime location […]

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The Most Common Reasons Denied Entry to Canada

Canada accepts thousands of immigrants per year. The Canadian government also denies many applications. Why would it reject people? There are a number of reasons why immigration officials accept one person’s application and not another. Read on to learn a list of the most common reasons people are denied entry into Canada. Security Reasons Canada […]

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Chris Brown Denied Entry to Canada

(Below is a transcription of this video) Hi, this is Michael Niren immigration lawyer, and founder of The latest news in entertainment is that Chris Brown, the R&B rapper, 25 years old, was denied entry to Canada. He was coming to Canada to perform in Montreal, and in Toronto and was recently denied entry, […]

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