Super Tuesday and rise of Donald Trump sees increase in Google search for how to move to Canada?

Donald Trump 2016

The denouement of Super Tuesday proved to be unanticipated as the American people learned of Trump’s projected seven state victories. Correspondingly, Canada’s immigration website was experiencing an overload of web traffic after the news of Trump’s achievements was disclosed.

Unsettled citizens took to social media to share their discomfort of Trump’s rise, as well as contemplate fleeing the country.

Canada was the winner for Super Tuesday: Wasn’t Trump

The real winner of Super Tuesday proved to be Canada as the country became the “Promised Land” for migration. Intentions of a northern migration intensified after Trump proposed a total ban on Muslims entering the United States. As of Tuesday, however, Trump’s conquering became very evident, and Google trends found that the phrase “How to move to Canada” surged. The search’s popularity had increased by 350 percent between 8pm and midnight. The solution for Trump’s possible inauguration subsequently has become to migrate to Canada. All the while, Canada’s Justin Trudeau seems to exemplify everything that is “Anti-Trump” in matters ranging from environmental policy to their respective approaches on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Americans Immigrate to Canada when there is a US election and this time is no different

The results of the 2016 election cannot be foretold, however, it can be seen that the outcome may have a drastic effect on immigration in terms of the number of people entering Canada. Whatever the result may be, it will undoubtedly affect where the American people choose to call home.

So do you want to move to Canada?

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