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Chinese Toronto Immigration Lawyer

Need a Chinese Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

By Sam MoserAugust 11, 2020

A Chinese citizen who wants to visit Toronto for a short period of time will most likely not need an immigration lawyer. The Canadian embassy is willing to grant short term tourist visas to people from various countries who want to travel to Canada for vacation or to visit family and friends. A person who […]

USA Flag Iconairport

Denied Entry to the USA at the Airport 2024: Next Steps

By Sam MoserJanuary 30, 2024

In this article, we will talk about: What happens at the airport when denied entry to the US Reasons you may be denied entry at a US airport What to do if you are denied entry at a US airport Denied Entry to the US with a visa Hiring an immigration attorney after being denied […]

Canada Flag Icon

Interested in Immigrating from England to Canada?

By Sam MoserJune 2, 2020

Migrating from England to Canada is an exciting opportunity for people from the UK. Canada offers a diverse culture and a wide expanse of wilderness that is simply not available in the UK. However, before an English citizen can settle in Canada, they have to jump through a few immigration hoops. The Commonwealth England and […]

Finding a German Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

By Sam MoserOctober 29, 2012

Toronto is one of the world’s most desirable places in which to live. The city is known for its high quality of life, and it provides its residents with numerous opportunities for work and play. For these and many other reasons, people come from all over the globe to settle in the city. Germans, in […]

Canada Flag IconImmigrate to Canada as a Teacher

Teaching in Canada: How to Immigrate to Canada as a Teacher

By Sam MoserFebruary 28, 2023
Working in CanadaJob Opportunities

Migration can be an extremely long and tiring process regardless of which country you are attempting to enter. Depending on the overall motivation when applying for citizenship, some may have a slightly shorter waiting period than others. Federal skilled workers (FSW) are of greater value to a country and are therefore of a higher priority, […]

Canada Flag IconCanada Australia Immigration

Interested in Immigrating from Australia to Canada?

By Sam MoserSeptember 17, 2020

Immigrating from Australia to Canada is usually easier than migrating from many other countries to Canada. The unique relationship that these two countries have as members of the Commonwealth, as well as their shared language and cultural links, makes the immigration process easier. Australians have settled throughout Canada, a large number actually residing in Whistler, […]

Canada Flag Icon

Migrating from the USA to Canada?

By Sam MoserJanuary 2, 2020
Permanent Residency

Migrating from the USA to Canada is an attractive prospect for many Americans. United States citizens may want to move to their northern neighbour for the health care opportunities, a different government style, a more relaxed culture, or for any number of other reasons. Unfortunately, it is not possible to just drive over the border […]

Canada Flag IconShould I hire an immigration lawyer in 2019

Need a Russian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

By Sam MoserDecember 19, 2019

This year, Canada and Russia are marking the anniversary of 70 years of diplomatic relations. There are 500,600 residents of Canada who currently claim Russia as their homeland. In Toronto alone, there are more than 100,000 people whose mother tongue is Russian. All these people are proof that Canada has been an attractive destination over […]

Canada Flag IconCanadaNigeriaLocatorxpng

Interested in Immigrating from Nigeria to Canada?

By Sam MoserJune 21, 2020

Migrating from Nigeria to Canada is an appealing idea for many Nigerians. The first wave of Nigerian immigrants to Canada was in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Now, there are over 20,000 people in Canada who identify themselves as Nigerian. Some Nigerians have family in Canada, and they wish to move to Canada to […]

Need a Romanian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

By Sam MoserOctober 28, 2012

For a number of reasons, Toronto is one of the most appealing cities in the world. Its abundance of culture and proximity to nature make it a special place, and its diverse, multi-ethnic population ensures that all types of people are welcome in the city. The city is also quite financially prosperous. For these reasons, […]

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse

By Sam MoserOctober 27, 2012

Many areas of Canada are experiencing a nursing shortage, and this makes it easier to migrate to Canada as a nurse. Part of the reason is due to the demographics of the Canadian population. Older nurses are retiring as they reach their fifties and sixties and there are not enough younger nurses being trained to replace […]

Canada Flag IconTrinidad to Canada

Interested in Migrating from Trinidad to Canada?

By Sam MoserAugust 10, 2020

Trinidad and Canada Have Much In Common The country of Canada has long had a special relationship with the country of Trinidad. Both these countries have a long history of being part of the British Empire, this mean that they share the common official language of English and their legal systems both have roots in […]

Canada Flag Icondoctorxjpg

Doctors Immigration to Canada: Work Visa for Doctors

By Sam MoserJanuary 3, 2024
Working in CanadaJob Opportunities

Canada is a vast country that is in constant need of people to occupy its regions to help them to develop. The Canadian government has in place several options that allow people from other countries to get a Canadian Immigration Visa so that they can reside in Canada permanently. Canadian Immigration Visas This visa, popularly […]

Refugee Job Opportunities in Canada

By Sam MoserOctober 25, 2012

Canada is a nation that offers a much more lax employment and immigration environment than many others, welcoming in large numbers of foreigners each year given the nation’s relatively slow population growth and high opportunities for employment.  The Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) allows a group of noted refugees placement and employment within the nation each year, […]

Canada Flag IconImmigrate from Malaysia to Canada

Interested in Migrating from Malaysia to Canada?

By Sam MoserDecember 19, 2019

The number of people migrating from Malaysia to Canada has also increased significantly over the years. Recent statistics show that by the year 2013, one half of the total Canadian population will be foreign-born. To understand this recent trend, it is important to look at why people decide to move to Canada from Malaysia. Why […]

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