Interested in Migrating from Ireland to Canada?

By Sam Moser October 21, 2012 2 min. read

Interested in Migrating from Ireland to Canada?There are a number of reasons you might want to consider migrating from Ireland to Canada. Despite the cold weather, Canada is a desirable place to live. Here are three of the most important factors:

1) Quality of life

Quite simply, Canada’s cities are rated among the most livable in the world. Vancouver is rated the third most livable city, with Toronto and Calgary at 4th and 5th place.

The country is always rated towards the top of the quality of life surveys found in many magazines. This is because the cities’s populations are smaller than other cities around the world. Because of this, they tend to have lots of land devoted to large parks and outdoor activities.

2) Friendly

In general, the people in this country are very welcoming of strangers. You will not have a hard time fitting in, particularly in Toronto. Historically, the Irish are actually one of the largest population groups in the city, along with the British, Italians and French.

3) Economically stable

The nation has maintained a relatively strong economy in recent years, even through the banking collapse in American and in other nations. They have a dramatically lower unemployment rate than Ireland (7.3% versus 14.9%) Therefore, there are much better job opportunities in the country than you would find if you were to stay in Ireland.

How to emigrate from Ireland to Canada

While there are plenty of good reasons to move, it can be difficult to do it. Like any other country, the Canadian government does not allow people it thinks are a risk to the national security. Because of this, they have a lot of rules and regulations on the immigration process, some of them quite complex.

If you plan on immigrating here, you will need a good lawyer that can walk you through the process. Even if you think you can understand all the laws, recent legislation has dictated that new immigrants need an attorney to handle the legal papers. While it can cost money, it is a good idea if you are serious about coming to the country.

How to find a good lawyer

Do not just look for the cheapest firm. You want to find a company that gets positive reviews from customers and that has competent attorneys. They should have lots of experience regarding immigration laws in Canada. Of course, if you know anyone from Ireland who has recently immigrated to Canada, you can save yourself time by just getting a recommendation from them.

One firm you might want to consider is Niren and Associates. We consistently gets positive reviews online, and have a solid staff of knowledgeable lawyers. If you are interested in migrating from Ireland to Canada, you cannot go wrong with Niren and Associates.