Interested in Immigrating from Australia to Canada?

By Sam Moser May 28, 2020 4 min. read
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Immigrating from Australia to Canada is usually easier than migrating from many other countries to Canada. The unique relationship that these two countries have as members of the Commonwealth, as well as their shared language and cultural links, makes the immigration process easier. Australians have settled throughout Canada, a large number actually residing in Whistler, British Columbia. Nonetheless, the immigration process can be challenging, and Australian citizens may still face challenges during the complicated Canadian immigration process.

Applying for the Right Canadian Visa from Australia

Australians who wish to move from Australia to Canada and become permanent residents have several different options. An applicant may be eligible to immigrate as worker, or be sponsored by family members already in Canada. Skilled immigrants may apply under programs such as Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker Program,the Federal Skilled Trades ProgramCanadian Experience Class, or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Here are a list of trades that fall under the skilled worker category. An Australian who wishes to enter the country under the entrepreneurial visa program may be eligible to do so if they have money to invest and they meet the requirements for that visa.

Working Holiday Visa

Young Australians may be able to move from Australia to Canada under the working holiday program. The Working Holiday Visa allows an individual to do almost any job for up to two years, many people call it an open work permit. This program is not intended for people who wish to obtain permanent residency in Canada, but it is ideal for people who wish to experience living in Canada for a temporary period of time.

Requirements to be eligibility for a Working Holiday Visa:

Processing Times for Working Holiday Visa is between 8 and 12 weeks

Family Sponsorship

Having a spouse, parent, grandparent, or child in Canada may increase the chance of a successful immigration process. In such a case, immigrants may be  sponsored by a relative who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. If you have a relative in Canada it may support your case for immigrating from Australia to Canada.

Once you determine the best visa for you, you will submit the necessary application and documentation. If you are unsure of which category applies to you, you may wish to speak to an immigration attorney. They will help you determine which visa is right for your scenario. They will also be able to help you gather the right documents to ensure that your application process goes as smoothly as possible.

Applying from Australia or Canada for Canadian Visa

Some people who want to migrate from Australia to Canada start the application process while they are still in Australia. Other applicants do not start the process until they are in Canada. Canada allows Australian citizens to travel freely throughout Canada. Thus, many Australians simply enter the country, find a job, and then start the visa application process.

Regardless of where you are in the immigration process, you have probably noticed how difficult it can be. Luckily, there are lawyers who specialize in navigating the immigration system. An immigration attorney can guide you through this complicated process.

Living in Canada as an Australian

Immigrate to Canada from Australia

Moving to Canada from Australia can be a life changing experience. Canada is covered in beautiful countryside to modern technological cities. Moving to a  new country can be confusing when adjusting to their culture, customs, life, and daily activity but here are a few subjects to review before immigrating to Canada as an Australian.

Cost of Living in Canada vs Australia

Living in Canada compared to Australia often equals out to be about the same or very similar in each country. Australians make about 36% more money than Canadians while they also are paying 35% more for basic utilities such as garbage, water, heating, and electricity. Most items in Canada will be a bit cheaper than Australia but it equals out to be about the same since Australians make more money in Australia.


Although you may think that there won’t be a large language barrier in Canada since English is both a major language of Australia and Canada, there are some complications. The main languages spoken in Canada are English (59%), French (23%), and 18% mix of other languages. In Quebec, French is mainly spoken as it is the only Canadian province that recognizes French as its official language.


Canada and Australia have opposing seasons while Canada will be experiencing winter, Australia will be basking in the summer sun. Canada’s typical climates are described as: temperate, semi-continental, continental, prairie, polar. Australia’s typical climates are described as: temperate, Mediterranean, sub-tropical, tropical, desert. Since Australia has a vast climate change, many can adapt to Canadian temperature and climate quickly while others don’t. Canada experiences four distinct seasons, with long, cold winters and warm summers. Coastal temperatures are often warmer than those inland, especially during the winter.

Useful Resources for Australian Migrants to Canada

The High Commission of Canada in Australia may provide helpful information on the immigration process, as well as help determine the best immigration pathway for you.