Interested in Migrating from Trinidad to Canada?

By Sam Moser August 10, 2020 2 min. read
Trinidad to Canada

Trinidad and Canada Have Much In Common

The country of Canada has long had a special relationship with the country of Trinidad. Both these countries have a long history of being part of the British Empire, this mean that they share the common official language of English and their legal systems both have roots in British law.

Canada and Trinidad maintain close cultural and economic ties with each other. Over the last few decades, many citizens of Trinidad have made the decision to emigrate to Canada.

Why Emigrate to Canada From Trinidad?

One of the main reasons that citizens of Trinidad wish to migrate from Trinidad to Canada is economic. They believe that Canada will provide better employment opportunities for them and for their families than what they are likely to find in Trinidad. This is particularly true if they have achieved some level of post-secondary education.

Citizens of Trinidad have been emigrating to Canada in greater numbers since the Canadian government made major changes to its immigration policies in 1967. Now, one of the reasons for residents of Trinidad to move to Canada is to join relatives who are already living here.

Canada Offers Stability

Canada is often perceived as a desirable destination for those who wish to leave Trinidad because the economy and the society are seen as very stable. There is no political unrest in the country and the society operates under the rule of law.

Canada has been actively pursuing a more active immigration policy in recent years because of demographic changes in its population. The new immigration rules place a high priority on attracting immigrants who are highly skilled and educated.

Ontario is a Favored Destination

Two out of three immigrants from Trinidad choose to settle in the province of Ontario. Many decide to live in the city of Toronto, which has a large population of people who originally lived in Trinidad. The reason Toronto is so popular is the multicultural population, huge range of support services for immigrants, and many job opportunities.

Canadian Immigration Procedure Is Very Lengthy

The immigration laws in Canada are very complex and they are occasionally changed by the government.

The complexity of Canadian immigration law makes applying to come to Canada a long and difficult process.

A Good Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Having a good immigration lawyer who is familiar with all aspects of the application process can be a big benefit to anyone migrating from Trinidad to Canada. Because Canadian immigration law is so complex, it is easy to make a mistake during the application process, such as applying under the wrong category.

If the application to emigrate to Canada is denied, it can be a devastating experience for someone who has spent many years trying to be accepted into Canada. A good immigration lawyer will be familiar with the law and will be able to guide the application to improve the chances of success.