The US is in Need of Temporary Foreign Workers

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Hi. This is Michael Niren, an immigration lawyer and founder of I’ve been saying for some time that there’s a disconnect
between employees in the US needing foreign workers, low skill workers,
high skill workers to fill the labor force and immigration regulations;
which is very restrictive and often imposes caps, on the number of foreign
workers allowed into the United States, to work for US employers.

For example, in Austin, Texas there’s an outcry from the Restaurant
Associations, Hotel Associations for congress to act on trying to amend the
immigration regulations to allow more foreign workers to come in and fill
needed jobs.

The Need for Temporary Foreign Workers in the United States

Of course, US employers want to hire American and they do, but the aging
demographics, the expanding workforce requires a constant flow of
immigration. This is a trend that’s going to continue and continue, so in
my opinion and in the opinion of many, many industries, industry leaders,
congress has to change, amend immigration regulations to more realistic and
reflective of the labor force.

For example, H1B Visa’s, those are for
specialty occupations, there’s currently a cap and there’s been a cap for
many, many years 65,000, 85,000 per calendar year, of applicants being
accepted. That is far too little, the US labor force needs a lot more
temporary foreign workers in specialty occupations to fill their needs.
It’s a case also that foreign workers coming to the US, they don’t steal
jobs from Americans. In fact, US companies benefit, employers benefit,
employees benefit, and consumers benefit from talented workers, it’s an
economic fact.

Do You Wish to Work in the US as a Temporary Foreign Worker?

Hopefully, things will change the louder people raise their
concerns, hopefully the folks in Washington will start paying attention.
Hopefully, this as well, will contribute to the dialog. Thank you and have
a great day. If you like this video, click ‘Like’. Join us at our website

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