US Visitor Visa for Canadian Permanent Resident

My wife and I live in the U.S. She has been having health issues (Cancer) diagnosis in March 2009. She has a niece that is has been in Canada since September 2006. Her niece is currently waiting for her Canadian Permanent Resident Card. She would like to come to the U.S. to help out with my wife once she receives her PR card. I would like to know how long she would be able to stay with us.


Depending what nationality your niece is, she may or may not require a US Visitor Visa to enter the US. Some countries are visa-exempt or under the visa waiver program. If she is from a country where US visas are required, she will have to apply for a US Visitor Visa at a US Consulate. Typically,  the duration of US visitation is up to 6 months at a time. However, it is important to always show “temporary intent” upon entering the US as a visitor otherwise you can be refused entry.

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  • yadwinder singh kooner

    My name is Yadwinder Singh. I am a Permanent Resident of Canada. I want to apply for American Visitor Visa. What is the process?

    • Dear Yadwinder,

      You would have to fill out the application form online and make an appointment with the nearest U.S. consulate. Depending on your specific case scenario, you would have to prepare documents that clearly show the purpose of your visit and ties to Canada in order to successfully apply for a Visitor Visa.

      Thank you.

  • Cinthia

    Hi, My name is Cinthia and I have a boyfriend in Chicago, IL. He tried coming over the Canadian Border twice and they refused him the first time because he didn’t have enough money to support himself and the second time because he misrepresented himself. Can they do that? He’s mexican and my friends think that his race has something to do with it. What does he have to do to cross into Canada

    • HI Cinthia
      If your boyfriend was stopped from entering due to an allegation of misrepresentation, then he may require a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) to be admitted to Canada. Also visitors to Canada should have sufficient funds to support themselves during their visit to Canada. Depending on how long the visit, a customs offer will decide if the person has enough funds to cover the visitation period

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