Seeking Refugee Status in Canada

By Michael Niren June 14, 2013 (Updated December 9, 2019) 1 min. read

Asylum claims are now heard faster, on December  15, 2012 the system was changed. Those who claim Refugee status will have their claim heard faster, as well as sent back home faster if It’s been denied.

Getting a Canadian Refugee Visa

Canada offers protection to selected individuals who fear they may be prosecuted or would be in danger if they left Canada. There are several different dangers that will be considered;

If you feel that you are facing any one of these things you may be able to seek protection In Canada.

Applying for Refugee Status

There are different things to consider when applying for refugee status

  1. Your eligibility
  2. Safe Third Country Agreement (Canada and the U.S have an agreement which by if you are to apply for refugee status you must apply to the first safe country you arrive in. If you arrive in the U.S first you are not able to apply for this status in Canada)
  3. If you are a person in need of Protection and are facing any of the dangers listed above.

If the IRB accepts your claim you will become a “protected person”. This means that you are now allowed to remain in Canada and you will be able to apply for Permanent Residence.

What to Do If Your Status Is Rejected

If your claim is rejected you must leave Canada. If the law permits you to do so you are able to request that the decision be reviewed. There are also other option available to you.

How Niren & Associates Can Help

Here at Niren and Associates we take pride in assisting people when they are in need. If you are looking to claim Refugee status please do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our Immigration Intake Specialists will be more than happy to assist you with booking a consultation!