How To Lose Permanent Resident Status in Canada

By Michael Niren November 25, 2011 1 min. read


The Toronto Star recently published an article telling the story of a Russian immigrant to Canada who lost his permanent residence status after not spending enough time in Canada, despite traveling frequently for business reasons.

Loss of Permanent Resident Status in Canada

Permanent residents are required to spend 730 days, or two years, out of five in Canada in order to have their permanent resident cards renewed. If they haven’t spent the required amount of time in Canada, their PR card could possibly not be renewed and their status can be revoked.

The man’s family is in Canada, and while the government denied his permanent residence application they also denied him a temporary visa to visit his family, saying he probably wouldn’t leave once it expired – creating a serious no-win situation.

More Immigrants Losing Canadian PR Status

Citizenship and Immigration Canada data published in the same Toronto Star  article also shows that more and more immigrants are losing their permanent residence status. Permanent residency can be complicated and there are some exceptions to the minimum time spent in Canada rules.

Are You At Risk of Losing Your Permanent Resident Status in Canada?

To see if you qualify, or if you haven’t spent enough time in Canada and are at risk of losing your status, it may be advisable to speak to a licensed immigration lawyer before renewing your PR Card.

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