Best Canadian Towns for Immigrants or Newcomers

By Ella Bergquist March 24, 2020 1 min. read
Canada Towns for Immigrants

Hundred thousand newcomers immigrate to Canadian cities every year. The Canadian cities can be attractive with their many job offers and site seeing but some Canadian towns can offer just as much if not more! created a ranking system that suggests there are many small Canadian towns that offer the same benefits of a bigger city with a much more affordable cost of living.

These small towns were ranked in 10 different categories: Wealth and Economy, Affordability, Demographics, Commute, Weather, Health, Amenities, Culture and Community.

Below you’ll find Maclean’s own top 10 Canadian communities for newcomers or immigrants:

Top 10 Canadian Communities for Newcomers

According to

  1. Grimsby, Ontario
  2. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  3. Oakville, Ontario
  4. Ottawa, Ontario
  5. West Vancouver, British Columbia
  6. Burlington, Ontario
  7. Hamilton, Ontario
  8. Oak Bay, Ontario
  9. Toronto, Ontario
  10. Saanich, Ontario

Best Canadian Communities for Immigrants By Region

Atlantic Canada: Halifax

Quebec: Westmount

Ontario: Grimsby

Prairies: Regina

Alberta: Calgary

British Columbia: West Vancouver

Towns with the Best Immigration Program for Newcomers

Although the previous towns excelled in Maclean’s algorithm for best communities for immigrants, there are programs attempting to make towns better for immigrants.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is a program that was created to fill labour market maps in rural and northern communities. There are 11 communities in Canada that are participating in this program allowing for immigrants to easily become part of their community in efforts to rebuild.

The communities participating in the program are:

These are also some of the best communities to immigrate to Canada due to their job opportunities and want for newcomers.