Is there a Retirement Visa for the United States?

By Michael Niren April 21, 2013 2 min. read
USA retirement visa

Every year, many Canadian citizens flock to the United States in search of a warmer climate. Whether they only wish to spend their winters in the United States or they want to live in the United States permanently after they retire, they will have to do so through the proper channels and in the proper manner. Many Canadian citizens wonder if there is a USA retirement visa. As of right now there is no real retirement visa for Canadians who wish to live in the United States after they retire. However, Canadians do have options when it comes to living out their golden years in the United States.

Is there a USA Retirement Visa?

There is not a specific USA Retirement visa. Instead, someone who is interested in retiring to the United States would need to apply for a different type of visa. Unfortunately for Canadian citizens, there no Snowbird visa yet exists. Unlike other foreign nationals, Canadians may spend up to six months in the United States during any given year. They cannot stay past six months, but they can break up this six months in smaller increments if they wish.

However, once the six months are up you must return to the United States as you are not a permanent resident. In addition, if you stay longer than six months you risk losing your provincial health care coverage and ties to Canada.

If you are interested in retiring in the United States permanently, you can look into permanent residence in the United States. There are a number of different ways to obtain permanent residence in the United States, including having an employer or family member sponsor you for permanent residence.

What are my options for retiring to the United States?

Since there is no USA retirement visa, Canadians must consider other methods. One method that Canadian citizens can consider are E-visas. Canadians of retirement age may have enough net worth to make investments in a United States business, which could make them eligible for an E-Visa. For example, one could invest in a business and obtain an E-2 visa, which will allow you to remain in the United States for five years. In addition, this visa can be renewed which would allow you to remain in the US for longer.

If you have a higher net worth, you could consider the E-B5 visa, which leads to permanent residency but requires a higher investment than the E2 visa.

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