Immigration to the US from Canada

Are you a Canadian who wishes to immigrate to the United States? Many Canadians immigrate to the United States every year, but not all of them do it the same way. In addition, Canadians cannot just pick up and move to the United States, instead they must go through the proper immigration channels. US Immigration

There are several different ways a Canadian citizen can go on to immigrate to the United States. To learn about them, read on.

Ways a Canadian can immigrate to the United States

1. Marrying a United States citizen. Marrying a citizen in the United States is one way to become a legal permanent resident of the United States, but you must be able to demonstrate that your marriage is a legitimate one.

2. You are highly skilled in a medical or scientific field, or other field that have very high levels of education that will allow you to obtain a suitable type of work visa to to live in the United States while working.

3. You are being transferred to the United States by your employer, using the L visas.

4. You are able to invest in the United States and have the money to do so, using E-visas.

5. You have a family member who can sponsor you, who is a United States citizen or green card holder. The relative must be an immediate family member with few exceptions, such as a sibling or parent.

While there are several different ways one can immigrate to the United States from Canada, it is not an easy process. Applicants will have to ensure that they meet all of the requirements for the path to immigration that they have chosen, and will have to be prepared to be investigated thoroughly. There are also a number of work visa options for people who wish to work and live in the United States on a temporary basis.

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