Where can I get a TN visa for the United States

The TN visa is a popular choice for Canadians who have job offers in the United States already. Even though they are Canadian citizens and have a job offer, they are still required to have a work visa in order to enter the United States for work.

The TN visa is a visa that can be applied for by Canadians at the US-Canada border, which makes it seem like this visa is “easy” to obtain. However, it’s really the opposite.

Just like every other visa application, the applicant must apply with the proper supporting documents that ensure the applicant is qualified for the visa they are looking for. The TN visa is no different, and if you are not prepared you can be denied for one at the border.

Applying for a TN visa – what are the requirements?

If you are thinking that a TN visa might be right for you, make sure that your job is on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) list of occupations that are suited for a TN visa. These occupations are normally professional occupations that involve a lot of education or skill, like medical professionals or scientists.

You must also have a job offer from a United States employer that won’t last longer than your visa, and you’ll need a valid Canadian passport that won’t expire before your TN visa does.

The job offer itself needs to be in the form of a petition for a TN visa from your employer, which they will likely have a lawyer draft up for them. In addition, you will need supporting documentation such as a resume and work information that demonstrates your qualifications for the job in question.

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