What Are Removal Orders in Canada?

By Michael Niren December 9, 2019 2 min. read

A removal order is issued when someone is convicted of breaching the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada. If you have committed a crime or are in Canada fraudulently, you could be issued a removal order.

Types of Removal Orders From Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for carrying out removal orders. There are three different types of removal orders in Canada: deportation orders, departure orders, and exclusion orders.

Deportation Orders

A deportation order is issued for very serious offenses or issued for people who have no status in Canada – for example, a person whose refugee claim has failed. When a deportation order is issued, the person in question must be deported from Canada by a specified date never to return to Canada again…unless he or she gets special permission (Authorization to Return to Canada)

Exclusion Orders

For an exclusion order, the person must leave Canada and cannot return to Canada for one year. If they need to return to Canada before one year is up, they have to apply for special permission from the Canada Border Services Agency.

Departure Orders

A departure order requires that you leave Canada within 30 days, confirming your departure with the CBSA on exit from the country. If you do not leave Canada within the 30 days, in nearly all cases the departure order will become a deportation order.

Can I Stop or Delay a Deportation Order?

You may be eligible to appeal a removal order if you are a permanent resident in Canada or a protected person. People cannot appeal a removal order if they have immigrated fraudulently, have been involved in organized crimes, have been convicted of a serious crime and sentenced to more than two years, are a security threat to Canada and Canadians or have violated international or human rights in any way.

If you are facing a removal order in Canada, the appeals process is extremely difficult. Please contact our immigration law firm immediately for an assessment of your case.

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