Need Immigration Help? Make sure you do your homework first.

By Michael Niren November 10, 2016 1 min. read

imigrationBy Whitney Luna

With the news of Donald  Trump winning the US election, our office has received an influx of calls from Americans considering their options for  immigration to Canada.  The day after the election, our intake staff booked many consultations with American citizens within the first hour of business.  Many were claiming that they didn’t care about the legal costs and that they urgently needed to speak with someone to discuss their immigration options.

Be careful who you hire

In normal times, we receive numerous calls and emails from people who claim they have been “scammed” out of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars by allegedly fraudulent immigration professionals and law firms.  Due to the increased numbers of Americans considering immigration to Canada during this election cycle, the stakes are even higher for ensuring that people get credible advice and are not mislead.

It is therefore essential that Americans and others considering immigration, do their research and speak to multiple representatives before choosing a law firm that they feel can best handle their immigration matter. It is also essential to ensure the law firm they choose have licenced immigration professionals ready to help

What immigration professionals can represent you?

The Canadian government regulates who can practice immigration law and be your representative:  They are:

If you’ve found a representative to help you, make sure they keep you up to date with your application status.  It is also important that you provide them with proper documentation because any false information could result in a refused application or worse, criminal charges.

If you require immigration assistance feel to complete our free online assessment form. And be careful out there!