Canada’s Election Results: Impact on Immigration

By Morgan October 28, 2019 2 min. read
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In this past election 338 seats were open. The results came quickly and was announced on Monday, October, 21, 2019. Full results can be found here.

Who Won the Election?

The Liberal Party won the most seats, 157, but not enough to secure a majority government which would have required 170. Therefore, they will form a minority government. A minority government is one where no party holds the majority of seats. In this case, the minority government must work with other parties in order to accomplish party goals. The Conservatives won 121 seats.The New Democratic Party won 24 seats. The Bloc Québécois  won 32. Leaving three seats to the Greens and one Independent.

What Does This Mean for the Liberal Minority Government?

The Liberal Party will need to form alliances with at least one other party in order to gain the majority votes needed to allow Justin Trudeau to be sworn in as Prime Minister.

What Does This Mean for Canada’s Immigration?

The Liberal Party is committed to maintaining Canada’s status as an attractive immigration destination for workers, students and families. The party has proposed the following:

Additionally, Canada plans on continuing to accept refugees and people seeking asylum.

Will The New Government in Canada Affect Me If I Have Already Immigrated?

The Liberal party has outlined a plan to invest $9 million over three years into helping minority newcomer women. The plan would focus on finding and keeping a good job. This project build on the 2019 employment projects, research and support. They also plan to raise the taxable income level from $13,229 to $15,000. This will help a family who falls in this income range to save $600 a year. Finally, the party plans to focus on retaining students and workers who are in Canada on temporary visas.

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