Another Reason to Immigrate To Canada

Being the second-happiest country in the entire world may be a key reason people wish to immigrate to Canada. This is according to a new global well-being survey published by Gallup Polls. The survey measured responses ranging from “thriving” to “struggling” and “suffering”.

Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

The median amount of people thriving in the 124 countries polled was 21 per cent, which is the same number as in 2009. Some highlights from the poll for 2010, support people’s reasons to immigrate to Canada. These reasons include:

  • “Thriving” is determined by people rating their current lives 7 out of 10 or higher, and their expected lives in 5 years 8 out of 10 or higher.
  • Denmark came in first place, with 72 per cent of people thriving.
  • Canada and Sweden came in second place, with 69 per cent of people saying they were thriving. The United States was further down the list, behind Australia, Finland, Venezuela, Israel, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland and Panama with 59 per cent of people thriving.

The Americas Also Have Reason to Be Happy

The 5 countries at the bottom of the list, with between only 1 and 3 per cent saying they were thriving were Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Central African Republic and Chad.

The average amount of thriving people in European countries is 28 per cent, but in the Americas on average 39 per cent say they are thriving. In Asia, the number was 17 per cent.

Keep smiling Canada!

Are You Looking to Immigrate to Canada?

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