What are the Options for Same Sex Immigration to The USA?

By Sam MoserFebruary 1, 2013

DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) is a federal ruling that classifies marriage as a legal partnership between a man and a woman. Marriage between same sex couples is legal in several states in the US. However, the federal government will not recognize these marriages, due to the DOMA ruling. Immigration law in the US […]

Need an Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

By Sam MoserJanuary 10, 2013

If you are an Iranian and you want to emigrate from Iran to Toronto, you will need an Iranian Immigration lawyer. Given that English is a second language for Iranians, most of them have a hard time trying to communicate with embassy officials. This is why you will need Iranian immigration lawyers in Toronto. The […]

A Qualified Italian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

By Sam MoserJanuary 3, 2013

Italians seeking to move to Canada need an Italian immigration lawyer in Toronto to help them with all the legal paperwork required for permanent residence. It goes without saying that the lawyer you hire should have experience handling similar cases. The last thing you want is to hire an amateur who asks for a huge […]

Canada Flag IconVacation in Canada

5 of the Best Canada Vacation Packages You Must Experience

By Sam MoserDecember 3, 2019
Visitor VisasTourist

The best Canada vacation packages will move you effortlessly from one juncture to the next during your time away from work. Vacations are so much more enjoyable when they flow without those interruptions that remind you that you are away from home. Instead, they should feel just like your normal life, only without any worry […]

Famous Refugees

From Persecution to Prosperity: Famous North American Refugees

By Sam MoserAugust 12, 2020

North America has been a haven for those seeking freedom and safety from oppressive governments from its inception.  Canada and the United States admit a large number of refugees (from most countries) and provide a stable community for refugees to live a safe and happy life. It’s no surprise that many people who are given […]

What You Should Know About Toronto Immigration Policy

By Sam MoserNovember 21, 2012

The world over, people migrate to other countries for several reasons— work, family, education, better prospects and more. Canada is a popular destination for immigrants and for years now, it has had a high per capita admission into the country. If you are looking at immigrating to Canada, here is what you need to know […]

Using a Japanese Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

By Sam MoserNovember 19, 2012

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of total land mass, but its population is actually quite small. The country is home to some wonderful large cities, though. Toronto is the country’s largest city, and it offers visitors and residents many wonderful benefits. People come to the city from various […]

Canada Flag IconImmigrating to Canada from Mexico

How to Immigrate to Canada from Mexico

By Sam MoserSeptember 8, 2020

Canada has become an ideal haven for many immigrants, and immigrating to Canada provides benefits for Mexicans in Canada seeking a safe, happy, and productive life. While the benefits may be worth pursuing, the application process contains many steps. Working with a good immigration lawyer can help you understand the requirements and complete what is […]

Looking to Immigrate from India to Canada? We Have the Experience You Need!

By Sam MoserNovember 12, 2012

  Many educated and ambitious people who live in India choose to immigrate to Canada. In 2010, more than 30,000 people emigrated from India to Canada. Canada is a stable and prosperous society that offers a good education system, an excellent health care system with universal coverage, and economic opportunities to newcomers and long-time residents […]

Factors Leading to Immigrants Marrying More Often Than Natives

By Sam MoserNovember 11, 2012

The revelation has already been made that immigrants have higher birth rates than natives of the United States and now it is a growing notion that immigrants are also more likely to marry more than natives of the US.  One of the primary reasons behind this growth is the fact that 300,000 immigrants arrive in […]

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The Dangerous Risks of Illegal Immigration

By Sam MoserAugust 12, 2020

For many people around the world, illegal immigration seems to promise a relief from the miseries that they face. Some take this route for economic reasons and others for political motives. Either way, the path of illegal immigration is fraught with dangers that should be considered before someone decides to break the law of their […]

Canadian Immigration Infographic

By Sam MoserNovember 8, 2012

We found these stats at: Stat Can Add This Infographic to Your Website Put this Canadian Immigration Infographic on your website by using the embed code below.

Colours of Canada: Experience the Beauty

By Sam MoserNovember 7, 2012

The colours of Canada speak volumes. It’s no wonder why people from around the world flock to the massive nation to catch a glimpse of the vibrant visual beauty that is on display. From the Northern Lights, to the autumn leaves, to the Rocky Mountains, to the prairie sunsets, every province is bursting with unique […]

How to Get a Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

By Sam MoserNovember 5, 2012

Currently, there are about 400,000 Filipinos living in Canada, and most of them hired a Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto to help with the immigration process. Filipinos in Canada represent the fourth largest community of Filipinos outside of the Philippines, and this community of Filipino Canadians is continuing to grow every year.     Why […]

Need a Korean Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

By Sam MoserNovember 3, 2012

Persons moving from South Korea to Canada may struggle to learn English or French given the difference between the languages, but now they have the option of getting in contact with a Korean immigration lawyer in Toronto who is fluent in their native tongue. Specialized attorneys will help you get through the complexities of immigration, […]

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