How to Work in Canada under Provincial Nominee Program

By Michael Niren December 9, 2019 2 min. read

Applying for an immigrant visa without the assistance of an immigration attorney is far from easy. There are many ways to work and live in Canada. Coming to the country as a provincial nominee is among the surest means to get employment in Canada.

How to get a provincial nomination certificate

  1. You must be nominated by a participating Canadian territory or province. The canadian working visasprocedures for nomination in each province or territory vary.
  2. You will get a confirmation of nomination once you are nominated by the territory or a province.
  3. As the procedures for nomination differs in every territory or province, you may receive a nomination approval letter or another type of confirmation.
  4. You need to submit a copy of the confirmation with your visa application.

Application procedures

  1. Get a copy of the application form. If you have retained an immigration lawyer, you may get this from the firm and be guided accordingly on how to fill up the form properly.
  2. You will have to complete your application. If you have the soft copy of the form, you may fill this out on your computer and print the copy after completion. Incomplete form will not be processed, and this can lead to delay in processing your application.
  3. Print the form and sign as indicated.
  4. All other forms that must be completed are as follows:
    1. Generic Application Form for Canada
    2. Background/Declaration
    3. Economic Classes: Provincial Nominees
    4. Additional Family Information
    5. Use of a Representative – This must be completed if you like to retain an immigration lawyer or a representative to assist you in your application.  Although the use of a representative is discretionary on your part, engaging the services of a licensed immigration attorney can safeguard your application process. An experienced immigration attorney or an immigration firm like Niren and Associates can ensure that all the necessary procedures are taken with precaution and diligence. This can increase your approval rating.
    1. Pay the corresponding fee. Processing fees are not refundable irrespective of the outcome of your application. If your dependents are also applying with you, you will have to pay the fee for each applicant.
  1. You will also pay for the following after you have been approved:
    1. other dependants applying with you
    2. the Right of Permanent Resident fee covering yourself and your spouse or common-law partner, if appropriate. Payment should be made prior to the issuance of a permanent resident visa by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
    3. medical exam fee to be paid to a recognized institution
    4. police certificate as needed
    5. language testing requirement

Deal with an Authorized Immigration Firm

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