Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the Election to Immigrate

By Sierra August 14, 2020 (Updated August 17, 2020) 2 min. read

We have heard that many immigration applicants interested in immigrating to the United States are waiting for the 2020 presidential election results to decide if it is the right choice for them. To the individuals that may think that is the wiser choice, there are a few reasons why we recommend immigrating before the election, here’s why!

These reasons are also applicable to those seeking to immigrate to the US from Canada. Every year numerous people move to the US from Canada and many also think it’s super easy. Its important to take these factors seriously when deciding when the best time to apply is.

If Trump Wins, Immigration Will Get Harder

As many already know, since President Trump was elected in 2016, he has made it clear that he will make it harder for immigrants to enter the United States. He has already implemented a few policies and signed executive orders making immigration harder. This is the only beginning of his plans and could get even harder, so why wait? Nows the time to act!

If Coronavirus Gets Worse, Immigration Will Get Challenging

Coronavirus has resulted in many restrictions and most importantly, travel restrictions have been in place since March 2020. Researchers have predicted that another wave of coronavirus will come in the future. If so, it’s a great ides to get prepared and gather everything you need for your specific case and act when restrictions are lifted. Ideally, your application would be processed before another shutdown if that is coming in the future.

If Biden Wins, US Immigration Will Be More Competitive

Unlike President Trump, Biden has different views on immigration and wants it to make it easier for immigrants to enter the US to a certain extent. Like we’ve said in the past, more applications in the consulate system, the longer you will have to wait. Not only will the wait times be longer, if Biden wins the election the influx of applications will make immigrating more competitive.

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