Is US Immigration Slowing Down?

By Ella Bergquist October 3, 2019 2 min. read

The short answer is yes. The influx of immigrants to the United States is at the slowest pace in the past decade with roughly  200,000 less people immigrating in 2018 (the numbers are reported in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey which acts as a mini census) compared to before. This is a decrease of 70% from 2017. The census showed that the largest decline came from individuals from Latin America and Asia. Experts believe that this slow pace is the result of the restrictive policies outlined by the Trump administration. While this might be seen as victory for individuals that push for restricted immigration it is also a cause for concern. The current stance on immigration is scaring away applicants. However, overall the total percentage of immigrants that make up the population of the US is 13.7%.

Although the US is currently experiencing an economic boom, the amount of immigrants entering the country to work and live is declining. This is unusual for a time of economic prosperity. In fact, the last time the rate of immigration slowed this much was during the 2008 financial crisis. This demonstrates a lack of job opportunity is not necessarily the driving force behind people choosing to either immigrate to other countries or to stay put. One force could be that the US is no longer a welcoming climate for immigrants. Another factor could be long wait time for immigration cases. An example would be a student who has studied in the US but decided to return home rather than wait for an immigration case to be settled. Ultimately, this data seems to confirm that the future of immigration to the US is uncertain.

Are You Worried about Immigration to the US?

If you have been considering immigrating to the US but feel that it may not be the right choice for you at the moment, you can consider Canada. Canada has more immigration streams available at the moment as it aims to fill the gaps in its labor market. Canada has a program called Express Entry where qualified candidates can fast track their immigration applications and earn permanent residency.

If you are worried about the slowing rate of immigration to the US, we would love to hear from you in our comments section. If you have already immigrated to the US but are considering immigrating to another country, please add your comments to our discussion section.

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