Investing in a Franchise to Get an E-2 Visa

By Ella Bergquist September 3, 2018 (Updated June 11, 2020) 5 min. read
Franchise E-2

The E-2 work visa has become one of the most popular American investor visa in the past few years due to the benefits and opportunities it provides. The E-2 visa is a treaty investor visa which is a non-immigrant visa reserved for foreign entrepreneurs of countries that have a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. Don’t get the E1 and E2 Visas confused as they are similar but the E-2 allows for an easier track to get approved by investing in a franchise company.

Many foreign individuals use the chance to invest in a franchise as a mechanism to obtain the E-2 visa. Investing in a franchise is a fantastic way to get an E-2 visa because of the following 3 reasons:

Reasons to Invest in a Franchise to Get an E-2 Visa

1. Money Requirements

E-2 visa does not require a minimum investment amount. Instead, the investment must be “substantial” in relation to the total cost of the businesses. This can mean that you could invest in a smaller business to franchise in the United States.

2. Training and Support

Most franchises provide training and support so that you can succeed in the business you choose. This is important for an E-2 visa candidate so that have a mentor and stepping stone when first moving to the United States.

3. Existing Businesses

When investing in a franchise for an E-2 visa, you are investing in an existing business. This can be a huge benefit because the companies already have business plans, success, popularity, etc. This can give the foreign investor a head start in the success of their franchise branch.

Best Franchises for E2 Visa

Here are most common businesses eligible for E2 visa:

How to Invest in a Franchise for an E-2 Visa

Watch this video where Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyer, Fadi Minawi, and Visa Franchise‘s Business Development Director, Patrick Findaro explain how to invest in a Franchise for an E-2 Visa.

ImmigrationTube on YouTube

Find a Business

For getting your E2 visa, the most important thing is finding a business that fulfills the E2 visa category requirements. In addition to investing a certain amount of money, you need to create jobs. Franchises are also qualified for E2 visas as long as they satisfy the requirements of E2 visa i.e. investment amount and economic impact e.g through job creation.

Connect With The Franchiser

As soon as we help you find your choice of franchise business, we put you in direct contact with the franchisor. The sooner you start your relation with the franchisor the better you will become familiar with the business and the process. However, we will remain with you through the whole process and coach you until you finalized your deal with the franchisor. You won’t be left alone during the process.

Contact an Immigration Attorney

The process of preparing and submitting the documentation is kind of tricky for E2 Visa. You might need an attorney to help you understand the legal aspects of your business. VisaPlace works with an experienced group of attorneys and we can introduce them to help you while working together for finding the business that fits you and your visa requirements.

Prepare a Business Plan

As part of preparing the required documentation, you will need to prepare a business plan. E2 Visa’s business plan shows how much money you are going to invest, what your goals are, the reasons they are believed attainable, and your plan for achieving those goals.

Transfer Your Fund

Upon finalizing negotiations with the franchisor, you will need to transfer your fund to the United States. You need to pay the franchise fee in case you are buying a new unit or, if agreed by the seller, your money will be secured in a screw account until your E2 visa application gets approval. You need to spend money from your personal or company account to establish the business in the U.S. to the requirements of the E2 visa.

Apply for E2 Visa

Upon finalizing your contract with the franchisor and transferring your fund, you will be able to apply for the E2 visa through one of the embassies of the United States. Your attorney will help you in that step to make sure everything will be submitted in order. If you are already in the U.S. you can apply for a change of your status.

Apply for the E-2 Visa now by booking a consultation with our US immigration professionals.

Benefits of an E-2 Visa

Disadvantages of an E-2 Visa

Investing in a Franchise

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