Meet Cris, Here To Find Out Your Express Entry Points!

By Sierra Alongi June 11, 2020 2 min. read
crs calculator

Individuals who are seeking permanent residency in Canada are recommended to enter into the Express Entry pool as it is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. Express Entry is an electronic immigration system that offers express entry to Canada for skilled and qualified immigrants that are eligible to fill Canadian jobs. There are multiple factors when it comes to qualifying and receiving an invitation to apply (ITA), a big one being your CRS Score.

A CRS Score a points-based system that the Canadian government uses to assess your profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool by asking a number of questions to determine your eligibility. To make that a bit easier, VisaPlace has introduced a new CRS score calculator tool to accurately receive your Express Entry points within minutes!

What It’s Like Using Cris the CRS Calculator

Whether you are accessing our new calculator tool on a computer or on a mobile device, Cris will work efficiently by asking a series of questions with in these following categories:

After these questions are asked, Cris will crunch your answers into your individual CRS Score with next step references including booking a consultation or ways to improve your express entry points.

Why Knowing Your Score is Important and How We Can Help

The most important aspect of the Express Entry Program is to provide complete and accurate information/documentation and get an ITA. Without an invitation, you are unable to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry Program. In order to receive an invitation, you have to be selected from a pool of applicants who are competing for an invitation.

Our job is to make your profile STAND OUT from the crowd. We will assess your case, highlight the best aspects of your application, and make sure that you have obtained the highest eligible score! This way, your chances of getting an invitation are maximized.

In addition, if you are selected, we are there to assist you with the complicated application process, including submitting your application in a timely manner for you to obtain your Canadian Permanent Residence.

  1. We tell the client needed documents and test, assessments
  2. We will calculate the points based on the Online ranking system
  3. Our legal team will guide the client from the beginning up until, hopefully, the client gets selected
  4. Our legal team will register the profile on the client’s behalf
  5. We will build a strong case outlining the key points of the application based on our experience and expertise