The CIC Begins Debate on Immigration

canadian-immigration-niren-associatesCanadian immigration has rarely been a hot topic over the country’s history given its slow rate of growth and easy availability of jobs, land, and capital.  Yet a new discussion will begin when meetings started by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the federal body responsible for migration, will be held across the country.


The State of the CIC In Regards to Canadian Immigration

In the past half-decade, more immigrants have come to Canada than any other time in the nation’s history.  Over a quarter of a million foreigners were granted citizenship or permanent residence in Canada during 2010, an increase over the government’s existing limit.

The CIC talks will attempt to gain an understanding of how immigrants are adapting to Canadian culture and how future policies should shape Canada’s approach to taking in migrants and refugees.  Given the impact that immigrants have on the existing population, all Canadian citizens are welcomed to give their input in both the physical meetings and in on online forum.

What the CIC Looks For

These meetings will attempt to understand multiple issues, including

  • How best to harness immigration policy to improve the economy
  • The means to attract greater international investment in Canadian infrastructure
  • Improving efficiency of immigration policy

Niren & Associate’s familiarity with the standards and policies set by the CIC is extensive and certainly should be considered by anyone facing issues of Canadian immigration.

Why the Talks Take On Immigration

Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney recently made a statement in which he said that the Canadian economy must benefit from immigration rather than vice-versa.  While some parts of Canada are experiencing an economic boom from immigration (notably Alberta) other regions like Quebec are suffering major employment crises.

The public forum will additionally question how best to use short-term economic stimulation under the immigration laws in order to use capital for economic growth; while existing applications for these capital investments have been suspended, some six thousand more foreign investors will be admitted by the end of the year.

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