How Long is Processing for Canadian Application?

By Michael Niren June 12, 2014 (Updated July 14, 2021) 2 min. read

Reminder: Due to the impact Coronavirus has had on Canadian immigration, offices are experiencing delays in both receiving and processing citizenship applications for the time being.

There are many steps you must take and requirements must meet in order to become a Canadian citizen. But it’s common to have many questions about what exactly happens after you apply.

Understanding Canada’s Citizenship Processing Times

After you apply for citizenship, you must wait to take the citizenship test. The time between submitting your application and writing the citizenship test can be different for everyone. Everything will depend on your personal case and the Canada visa processing times for 2021.

The good news is that Citizen and Immigration Canada has seemed to have reduced the processing time over the years. Their target is generally for 12 months or less from when they begin processing a complete application to when you actually become a Canadian citizen. Application processing times are going down which is great news for applicants. It’s also great news for us.

How to Ensure Faster Canada Visa Processing Times for Applications

In order to speed up your application, the best practices must be followed. These include:

If this is not the case, what ends up happening is that you file your application and then you will be sent a letter asking you for additional information or clarification.

That letter could cost you delays in an amount of months and sometimes years. So, regardless of their processing times, you have to play your part and make sure that your application package, when you submit it, is solid and complete.

Taking the Citizenship Oath

Reminder: Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the Canadian government announced it would be hosting virtual citizenship ceremonies for certain individuals. They will be inviting citizenship candidates to take their oath of citizenship online until further notice.

The very last step to becoming a Canadian citizen is taking the Oath of Citizenship at a citizenship ceremony. These ceremonies typically take place across the country and at all times of the year.

The IRCC will send you a notice with the date, time and location for your citizenship ceremony about 1-2 weeks before it will take place.

Do You Need Help Processing Your Immigration Applications?

Book a consultation today with an immigration professional! One of our Canada immigration professionals will determine exactly how long it will take for you to receive your Canadian visa and put you on the right track to a successful visa application.

Use the IRCC Processing Time tool to determine how long your Canada visa processing time may take.