Toronto to be a Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants

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Hi. This is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer, and founder of Today’s a good day to be a Torontonian. City council has passed a by-law or made a statement that they will not prosecute or withdraw services for illegal immigrants. Toronto will be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

Toronto Becomes a Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants

Why that is a good thing is that the city is not going to be acting as an agent for the Canadian Border Services Agency or for CIC. That’s not their role. If you are illegal and you are living in Toronto, you should be able to avail yourself of the services that Toronto offers, and city council has agreed with that.

They used the analogy of Jean Valjean in “Les Mis”, the famous play by Victor Hugo, where they don’t want illegal immigrants to have to be forced to go underground. A lot of these individuals are contributing members of
society. They’re good people. They’re hard working.

Options for Illegal Immigrants Seeking Sanctuary in Toronto

Now, of course, if you are an illegal immigrant, you should consider trying to get your status resolved, and there are mechanisms for that. But you shouldn’t fear not getting access to services in the city because of your
illegal status. So it’s a good development.

Are You An Illegal Immigrant Seeking Sanctuary in Toronto?

I commend city council for its position on this, and I think it’s only going to benefit the city as well as those individuals who are suffering because of their status. Hopefully, they can take steps to get it resolved.

Thank you, and have a great day.

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