Australian Canada Work Visa to PR

By Ella Bergquist October 1, 2020 1 min. read

Many Australians come to Canada for the great job opportunities available. Once people come to Canada for a job they tend to want to stay for a longer time then their work visa allows which drives people into applying for Permanent Residency. Australia and Canada have extremely good ties that allow the transfer from work visa to permanent residency a bit easier. If you plan to convert your Canada work visa to Canada PR as an Australian Citizen there are a few options.

Transfer Work Visa to Canada PR for Australians

It is possible for Australians to change their status from foreign worker to permanent resident. There are several Canadian immigration programs that Australians can take:

Canadian Exprerience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is ideal for candidates who have recent Canadian work experience and are seeking permanent immigration to Canada. This program is the most recommended for those who have held a Canadian work visa and intend to obtain Canada PR.

Express Entry

The Express Entry is designed for individuals who have the qualifications, skills, or experiences to fill Canada’s skill shortages. Typically these shortages will require work experience in a managerial, skilled, or semi-skilled occupation.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program was created to attract skilled international talent to Canada provinces facing a talent shortage. Thousands of successful applicants have relocated and permanently settled in Canada through the PNP program. Each province has their own set of requirements and eligibility rules.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

This program is ideal for those who have worked in Quebec and want to live their permanently as a resident. There are requirements for this program unlike others like having knowledge of spoken French. This program is fairly quick though, the processing time can be processed in 6 months.

If you have yet to immigrate from Australia yet then read our page on How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada.

How We Can Help Australians Switch Canada Work Visa to Canada PR

Many temporary residents change their status to permanent residency. It is therefore essential that if you are considering applying for Canadian permanent residence, you get professional immigration help throughout the Canada PR process. We can help you discover which immigration process is the best route for you. Book a consultation with our immigration professionals today to see how we can help you!