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Immigration to Ontario: How to Immigrate to Toronto

Learn more about immigrating to Toronto, Ontario.

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Why Consider Toronto?

Toronto is one of the most multicultural urban areas in the world, forged by its diverse cultures and communities which have created its identity as a vibrant global city. It’s also one of the most livable and competitive cities in the world as demonstrated by various statistics, reports, and international rankings. 

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It’s a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. The city also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to the 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities, and zoo.

Toronto is an Ideal Spot for Immigration

As Toronto’s population grows at a high rate, it remains a great place to work; the economy is thriving with many job opportunities in a wide range of sectors from manufacturing to high-tech industries. Toronto’s strategic location, skilled workers, as well as the region’s strong economy, make it a great place to settle for a vast range of work occupations. Additionally, buying a home is a great opportunity to enter the market due to the city’s very active real estate market.

Housing Opportunities

Toronto has a very stable but competitive real estate market and is a great place to invest in a new home to settle. Whether directly in the city or the outskirts, there are many areas that will provide the right environment for you. There are options outside of the city even if your job is in Toronto, as the areas around have great commutability. Learn more about finding a home in Toronto.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the targeted system for those looking to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. Express entry is a point-based system that ranks you within the Express Entry pool. When invited, individuals are able to migrate through employment and gain permanent residency. Your Express Entry CRS Score is based on age, level of education, language proficiency, work experience, arranged employment in Canada, and adaptability. 

Find your your Express Entry CRS Score

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario has recently streamlined the PNP — making a simpler, supported path to their province for skilled immigrants. Improvements by the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers will help you and your family to quickly determine if you share the qualities that lead thousands of people from all over the world to successfully settle and make a new home in Barrie.

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How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help

If you plan on immigrating to Toronto, ON Canada, then you’ll want an immigration lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Canadian immigration. Our firm has offices throughout North America, but our corporate office is in Toronto. 

Our immigration lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience and have successfully processed thousands of Canadian visa applications. We are fully confident we can help you with your immigration matter too! You can get in touch with us here.

In 2016, foreign-born persons made up 47%  of the population, compared to 50% in 2006. According to the United Nations Development Programme, Toronto has the second-highest percentage of constant foreign-born population among world cities, after Miami, Florida. 

The city experiences four distinct seasons varying in length. Like the rest of southern Ontario, Toronto has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Tourism plays an important role in the local economy, most visitors come during the summer for events such as Toronto Pride as well as the winter for events such as Winter Wonderland.

Toronto, Ontario

Job Opportunities

Toronto is a thriving city with hardworking people from all over the world. The city contains 35.9% of all immigrants in Canada, making it a hotspot for those looking to start a new life and career. There are plenty of job opportunities in Toronto as skilled workers are high in demand, those with experience in technology.  Do you have a specific career you want to pursue in Toronto? Learn More About Canadian Immigration by Occupation.

Toronto is known for its massive involvement in our growing tech industry. In 2019-2020, Toronto was ranked as the top high-tech market for job growth by Tech-30. 47% of Toronto's population are immigrants,  many of which move to Toronto to advance their career in tech.

Cost of Living

In Toronto, to rent a one-bedroom unit the average price is $2,044/month, and to rent a two-bedroom unit the average price is $2,778/month.

The average price to buy a  home in Toronto is $1,218,546. You must also consider mortgage payments, property tax, and home insurance based on your situation. 

Toronto's public transportation system (TTC) cost ranges from $3.20 for a single adult cash fare to $13.50 for a presto day pass ticket. The TTC also offers a monthly pass ($156.00) and a 12-month pass ($143.00) for adults with a discount for students and seniors.

On average, the cost for groceries is $302.36/month and dining out is $392/month.


Toronto is a massive, and that comes with plenty of  quick ways to transport to different locations. The TTC  (Toronto Transit Commission) is Toronto's main public transportation service, which runs subways, streetcars, and buses all throughout the city. Many also enjoy walking through the city's streets and avenues or driving a car. If your job is in the city but you live in the Greater Toronto area or Hamilton, GO Transit provides trains and buses which you can take to commute to and from the city.


The city of Toronto has 30 international schools, and many public and private educational institutions available from pre-elementary schools all the way to universities. University of Toronto is ranked as the #18 best university in the world. Students from all over the world come to Toronto to achieve their degree.

Interested in studying in Toronto? Learn more about Canada Study Permits.

Activities and Culture

Toronto has a huge variety of fun things to do with friends and family. The city has markets, gardens, theme parks, museums, sports centers, and fantastic restaurants with varying cuisines.

The CN tower is not only one of Canada's most famous attractions, but it's a symbol  that celebrates the city's prosperity and flourishing as  the tallest building in Toronto. The tower contains a rotating dining experience and an edge walk which you can look over the city while harnessed to the building.

Toronto is a city of sports fans as it is home to professional sports teams Toronto Maple Leaves (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Bluejays (MLB), and more. Toronto is an excellent location to enjoy all kinds of seasonal sports, whether it's ice hockey, water skiing, baseball, and more.

Throughout the year you'll find festivals such as Taste of Little Italy which lets you explore Italian food and culture, or the street festival Caribana, which 1.3 million people celebrate Carribean customs and tradition. 

Toronto nightlife is very popular as the city has many local bars located in the east, and bustling nightclubs in the west for those who like an active scene.


Toronto has four distinct seasons; winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each season has unique properties which can be enjoyed by every resident.

Canada is known for its cold winters, and Toronto is no different, providing its inhabitants with a rich winter wonderland lasting through mid-November to March, with low temperatures and opportunities for numerous winter sports and activities. 

After a long winter, spring arrives lasting all through April and May. Temperatures slowly rise though with varying degree, and the region's flora blooms and lush green grass can be found throughout the city's beautiful parks.

The snow is melted and a hot and humid summer lasts from June to mid-September. The sunny heat provides opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, having picnics, and camping by the city's outer regions.

Through the fall season of mid-September to mid-November,  Toronto's green trees bursts into hues of red, orange, and yellow, painting the city into a beautiful scene of colors. The weather is warm and breezy but cooler at night as the leaves continue to fall and winter approaches.

Once You Settle in Ontario

Once you arrive in Ontario and get settled in your new home, you’ll want to do the follow items:

When you work with our immigration law firm we make sure we provide you with all the resources you’ll need to settle properly in your new country. If you are interested in immigrating to Toronto, be sure to contact our law firm to get an assessment of your case with one of our immigration experts.

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