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The Canada Inland Spousal Sponsorship Application: Process and Eligibility

Help the person you love stay in Canada with you through family immigration. Inland spousal sponsorship allows a citizen or permanent resident of Canada to sponsor their spouse/conjugal or common-law partner for permanent residence.

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Inland spousal sponsorship is designed for citizens or permanent residents of Canada who wish to have their spouse/conjugal or common-law partner live with them as permanent resident of Canada.

Looking to sponsor your spouse who is residing outside of Canada? Learn more about the Outland Spousal Sponsorship pathway!

Inland Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time

You can expect your spousal sponsorship application to take anywhere from 12 to 36 months to process. The COVID-19 pandemic affected these processing times.

Who is Eligible for Inland Spousal Sponsorship?

To qualify for inland sponsorship, the spouse/partner must already have temporary resident status (working, studying or visiting) in Canada. Applicants may also be eligible to apply for an open work permit which would allow them to work while waiting on their application decision.

While you are allowed to travel outside of Canada when your application is being processed if you are denied entry to Canada your application will be canceled. If this happens you will need to apply for outland spousal sponsorship.

In order to sponsor their spouse, the petitioner must prove:

  • They are legally a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • They are at least 18 years old
  • Can provide the basic needs for spouse including food, clothing, and shelter
  • Can support their spouse financially, and
  • Can ensure that their spouse does not need financial help from the Canadian government

The spouse, conjugal or common-law partner must be at least 18 years old and must have medical, and criminal background checks. You two together must also prove that the relationship is legitimate snd genuine.

Spousal Sponsorship Process

Step 1: Obtain the Application Package

This package includes a document checklist, forms for you and your spouse, and instructions. Read the instructions carefully before beginning and double-check that you are eligible to sponsor. Fill out the application for you and have your spouse fill out their application. 

Step 2: Gather Your Supporting Documents

One of the most important steps to your spousal sponsorship application is gathering all the correct supporting documents. These documents will include:

  • passport and identification
  • proof of marriage certificate
  • supporting documents to prove your relationship is legitimate
  • proof of income 
  • biometrics (if needed)
Step 3 : Pay Your Application Fees

These fees will be for processing the applications for you and the person you are sponsoring, the right of permanent residence fee and the biometrics fee. In certain cases, there may be fees for a medical exam or police certificate.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

There are mailing instructions included in the application guide. Your application will be returned to you if pieces are missing or the fees have not been paid.

Step 5: Send Any Additional Documents

Once you have sent in your application, you will be contacted about submitting additional documentation. This might include biometrics, medical exams or police certificates. 

Applying for an inland spousal sponsorship is a long, complex, and involved process, and it's important to complete your application correctly. We are experts at handling inland and outside Canada spousal sponsorships and we want to help you! We have helped thousands of foreign nationals successfully remain in Canada through spousal sponsorships working with families wanting to live together in Canada. Book a consultation to get started!