Moving from Zimbabwe to Canada

Learn the various pathways of immigration to Canada from Zimbabwe, including family-sponsorship and employment.

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Zimbabwean Canadians are Canadian citizens of Zimbabwean descent or those who were born in Zimbabwe but live in Canada. There are over 12,000 Zimbabwean Canadians living in Canada. The movement of Zimbabwean immigrants to Canada began in the 1980s after Zimbabwe gained their independence. The largest influx of Zimbabweans moving to Canada started in the 2000s when poverty and political oppression heightened in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe to Canada

Zimbabwe Community in Canada

There are several areas that the majority of Zimbabwean Canadians reside in Canada including: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, and St. John’s. 

Ontario is the most popular Canadian province for Zimbabwean Canadians. Ontario is where 60% of all Zimbabwean immigrants settle followed by Alberta (13%), British Columbia (12%), and Quebec (12%). 

Many Zimbabwean Canadians believe that they play an important role in the development of Zimbabwe by sending money. About 66% of Zimbabweans living in Canada send money back to Zimbabwe. By sending money back to Zimbabwe do so to improve fundraising for projects, investment in business/infrastructure, developing new projects, charity, and family support. 

Immigration Process

Migrants from Zimbabwe have moved to Canada through a variety of pathways, including employment and family class sponsorship. Through the Canadian immigration programs that fall under these categories, as well as a few more, an individual may apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.