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Moving from Sri Lanka to Canada

Learn the various pathways of immigration to Canada from Sri Lanka, including family-sponsorship and employment.

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Interested in Immigrating to Canada from Sri Lanka?

Canadian Citizens of Sri Lankan descent, first-generation Sri Lanka immigrants, or descendants of Sri Lanka who immigrated to Canada are called Sri Lankan-Canadians. 

The unofficial number of Sri Lankan Canadians living in Canada is over 150,000 people. The many immigrants that immigrate to Canada include members from the Tamil, Sinhalese, Moor, Malay, and Burgher ethnicity. Many Sri Lankan Canadians actually hold dual citizenship between Sri Lanka and Canada. It has been stated that almost all Sri Lankans who immigrate to Canada under skilled immigration programs receive their higher education. There are several reasons so many Sri Lankans immigrate to Canada!

Sri Lanka to Canada

Sri Lanka Community in Canada

Most Sri Lankan Canadians have immigrated to both Toronto and Montreal. There are still a significant amount of Sri Lankan Canadians living throughout British Columbia and Alberta. There are several Sri Lankan organizations throughout Ontario, Manitboa, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan to help Sri Lankan Canadians thrive in Canadian society. he main objectives of these associations are to help the immigrants, continue their Sri Lankan traditions and to help Sri Lanka. 

Immigration Process

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