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Moving from Bangladesh to Canada

Learn the various pathways of immigration to Canada from Bangladesh, including family-sponsorship and employment.

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Interested in Immigrating to Canada from Bangladesh?

Canadian Citizens of Bangladeshi descent, first-generation Bangladeshi immigrants, or descendants of Bangladeshis who immigrated to Canada are called Bangladeshi Canadians. 

The unofficial number of Bangladeshi Canadians range anywhere from 50,000-100,000 people!

Bangladesh to Canada

Bangladesh Community in Canada

Most Bangladeshi Canadians populate around the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal. Other regions with significant populations include Scarborough Southwest, Greater Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa.

There is a great company that helps Bangladeshi Canadians settle into Canada while still reserving the Bangladesh culture. The Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services (BCS)

is a nonprofit, charitable, multi-service organization that has been providing services to the local community (Taylor-Massey, Crescent Town, and adjacent neighborhoods) since 2000.

Knowledge of the local area and people’s values and norms have allowed BCS to maximize its potential by providing services targeted to newcomers, youth, women, and seniors. BCS has more than 4000 beneficiaries that regularly rely on provided services, and continues to aid even more yearly. 

Immigration Process

Migrants from Bangladesh have moved to Canada through a variety of pathways, including employment and family class sponsorship. Through the Canadian immigration programs that fall under these categories, as well as a few more, an individual may apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.

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