H-1B Frenzy

We are in the midst of the H-1B season. April 1, 2015 is when the applications begin to flood the USCIS with the last day to submit being likely within 2 to 4 days afterwards.  Applications are being prepared earlier than ever and with a cap of 65,000 applicants that are permitted per year, it is important to have your applications prepared if an H-1B is in your sight. Although there are some exceptions, once the 65,000 cap is reached, no more applications will be permitted until the following year, 2016.

Applying for an H-1B Visa

US Border SecurityThis visa is for professionals in specialty occupations that are seeking entrance to the United States to work in their field of expertise. The applicant must possess either a bachelor’s degree or have amassed the equivalent employment experience usually seen as 12 years of progressive professional experience,  or a combination between experience and education. Before filing a petition for an H-1B visa, the United States employer must obtain approval of a Labor Condition Application from the Department of Labor in the occupational specialty in which the alien worker will be employed.

H-1Bs are considered “duel intent” visas, and can be a stepping stone to a Greencard. Although the H-1Bs are issued for up to three years, with a renewal allowed for another three years, there are provisions in place to extend this 6 year period if the Greencard process has begun within certain time periods.

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    I am looking for a lawyer who can file the H1b. My employer has asked me to find a immigration firm. Can you let me know if you guys can file it ( given the short time frame) and what are your fees.
    Also i already had a h1 earlier and have completed the 6 years and been outside of us for last 1.5 years and applying again.

  • Manish saxena

    Hi I am manish, Canadian citizen originally from India.
    I am a financial advisor by profession with pg diploma and bachelor degree.
    I am looking to move in California. Would you be able to help me ?
    Thank you

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