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Top 5 US States with the Most Immigrants

By Casey May 20, 2024 4 min. read

The United States is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, a place where dreams of a new life find a home. Welcoming over 48 million individuals from around the globe, it stands as the world’s leading destination for those seeking new horizons.

Immigration, the journey of relocating from one country to another, is driven by various factors. Some seek to reunite with loved ones, while others yearn for safety and security from conflict or instability. Many embark on this journey to unlock better economic prospects, access quality education, or simply enjoy a comfortable retirement. Whatever the reason, the US continues to offer a diverse and promising landscape for those seeking to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Here, we will list the 10 states with the largest immigrant population and why these states may be so popular for people to migrate to.


California has more immigrants than any other US state! In 2024, California continues to be the most popular destination for immigrants in the United States. Its immigrant population, estimated at around 10.4 million, accounts for 27% of the state’s total population and nearly a quarter of the nation’s foreign-born residents. This thriving multicultural hub attracts individuals from all corners of the globe, particularly from Latin America and Asia. 

California’s diverse economy, offering opportunities in technology, agriculture, entertainment, and more, is a major draw for skilled workers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, its welcoming environment, rich cultural tapestry, and established immigrant communities make it a desirable place to settle and build a new life.


Texas, with an estimated immigrant population of 5.1 million in 2024, stands as the second most popular destination for immigrants in the US. Accounting for nearly 22.3% of the state’s population, immigrants play a significant role in Texas’ diverse cultural landscape and economic vitality. 

The state’s strong job market, driven by sectors like energy, technology, healthcare, and agriculture, attracts skilled workers and entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities. Additionally, Texas’ relatively affordable cost of living, warm climate, and proximity to Mexico, a major source of immigration, make it a desirable place to settle and establish roots.

New York

In 2024, New York continues to be a beacon for immigrants from around the world, with a diverse population representing nearly every country. This popularity stems from a variety of factors, including a robust job market with opportunities across various industries, a rich cultural tapestry that celebrates diversity, and a strong support system for newcomers, including numerous immigrant advocacy organizations and community centers. 

New York’s status as a global hub for finance, media, fashion, and the arts attracts individuals seeking to make their mark on the world stage. The state’s history as a melting pot, where generations of immigrants have found a home and contributed to its unique character, further solidifies its appeal as a welcoming and inclusive destination for those seeking a new beginning.


In 2024, Florida continues to be a major destination for immigrants in the United States, renowned for its diverse and dynamic population. The state’s appealing climate, economic opportunities, and cultural diversity make it an attractive choice for many seeking a new home. Florida’s thriving tourism industry, robust healthcare sector, and growing technology and service industries provide a plethora of job opportunities.

Its established immigrant communities, particularly in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, offer support networks and cultural familiarity. The state’s proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean also facilitates easier migration and cultural connections. Florida’s reputation for being a welcoming and vibrant state, with numerous cultural festivals, cuisine, and traditions, enhances its appeal to immigrants from around the world.

New Jersey

In 2024, New Jersey remains a popular destination for immigrants, boasting a diverse population originating from all corners of the globe. The state’s allure stems from a strong economy with abundant job opportunities across various sectors, including healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. New Jersey’s proximity to New York City, a global center for commerce and culture, also provides access to a wider range of employment and educational prospects. 

The state’s diverse communities offer a welcoming environment for newcomers, with established cultural centers and support networks catering to a variety of ethnicities and nationalities. New Jersey’s rich history of immigration further contributes to its appeal as a place where individuals from all backgrounds can find a sense of belonging and opportunity.

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