New Immigration Policy May Limit The Number of Student Visas Issued Annually


Due to various issues surrounding the legitimacy of international students, Canada is considering limiting the number of student visas issued each year. There are currently nearly a quarter of a million individuals studying abroad in the North American nation, the educational status of whom is often difficult to understand. The nation’s choice may impact many individuals who wish to study in Canada, especially if the school of choice is not nationally accredited.

Stricter Standards For Student Visas

Rather than placing a limit on the number of visas offered to individuals in study programs, the current proposal suggests that the government limit visas to only those students who are studying in colleges accredited by the government. While this will lead to minimal impact upon many of the international travelers who study at Canada’s universities, it may have a major impact upon those who take shorter courses of study. A major part of the new program is a new time-of-study provision, which will limit visas to only those who plan on attending courses for a time period of greater than six months. While others may apply for a visa, they must first come to Canada as visitors and apply while they are in the country.

Professors Support New Student Visa Requirements

The plan is being lauded by educational institutions within Canada as a step towards combating a growing problem at Canadian universities. Many students register for classes, only to disappear shortly after entering the nation. The new student visa measures may help Canadian universities to retain international scholars and to weed out those who are only looking for a way into the country.

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