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Express Entry Draw January 31, 2024 #281 – Latest CRS Score Cut-Off

By Casey January 31, 2024 (Updated February 1, 2024) 4 min. read
Maple leaf from the flag of Canada Express Entry 281 January 31, 2024 Total Invitations Issued: 730 Lowest Qualifying Score: 541

Canada Express Entry Draw January 23, 2024 #281

The latest Express Entry Draw took place on January 31st, 2024, which was the 281st Express Entry Draw. This was a general draw. The draw offered:

This is the third Express Entry draw of January 2024. Canada is inviting thousands of immigrants to apply for Permanent Residency every month.

The next express entry draw #282 is expected to occur on February 7, 2024.

Latest CRS Score Cut-Off is 541

The latest CRS draw score is 541. This is the cut-off CRS score for the most recent draw. Anyone with this score or higher would have received an invitation to apply for Express Entry.

New Priority Occupations for Express Entry

On May 31st, 2023, IRCC announced a new method of category-based selection for Express Entry which allows Canada to extend invitations (ITAs) to apply to prospective permanent residents who have specified skills, training, or language ability. These draws began on June 28, 2023 and we can expect to see these types of draws continuing throughout the year.

What Is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an immigration system created by the IRCC to manage Canada PR applicants looking to work in Canada. This system allows applicants to apply for one of four categories which include the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or a Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). Each draw will be specific to one of these categories targeting qualified and eligible candidates within the Express Entry pool!

Fast Track Immigration Through PNPs

If you are interested in settling in a specific province, you may have a better chance and quicker results when applying for a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This allows provinces and territories to nominate qualified candidates to work in that location. If you are working within an in-demand job, it could be even quicker! Learn more about Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Calculate Your CRS Score with the CRS Calculator

VisaPlace has created a CRS calculator. Speak with Cris, the CRS calculator bot, to find out what your estimated CRS score is. Once you determine your CRS score you will know your eligibility for Express Entry based on the minimum CRS score on previous Express Entry draws.

Find out what your CRS score is right now!

Improving Your CRS Score

If you need help improving your CRS score before the next Express Entry Draw, here are 8 ways to improve your CRS score.  More invitations are expected to be issued over the coming weeks, months, and years, benefiting individuals and families around the world wishing to make Canada their new permanent home. The Comprehensive Ranking System is a score out of 1,200 used to benchmark federal economic applicants against one another. It’s part of the Express Entry mechanism, which was established in January 2015 to process residency applications. The score is used as a cut-off point in Express Entry draws. It is designed to project a candidate’s likelihood of being economically successful in Canada.

Canada Express Entry Latest Draws 2023

Express Entry Draw #DateITACRSProgram
281January 31, 2024730541All programs
280January 23, 20241,040543All programs
279January 10, 20241,510546All programs
278December 21, 2023400386Agriculture and Agri-food
277December 20, 2023670435Transport occupations
276December 19, 20231,000425Trades occupations
275December 18, 20231,325542All programs
274December 8, 20235,900481STEM occupations
273December 7, 20231,000470French language proficiency
272December 6, 20234,750561All programs
271October 26, 20233,600431Healthcare occupations
270October 25, 2023300486French language proficiency
269October 24, 20231,548776PNP
268October 10, 20233,725500All programs
267September 28, 2023600600Agriculture and Agri-food
266September 27, 2023500500French language proficiency
265September 26, 20233,000504All programs
264September 20, 20231,000435Transport occupations
263September 19, 20233,200531All programs
262August 15, 20234,300496All programs
261August 3, 20231,500388Trade occupations
260August 2, 2023800435French language proficiency
259August 1, 20232,000517All programs
258July 12, 20233,800375French language proficiency
257July 11, 2023800505All programs
256July 7, 20232,300439French language proficiency
255July 6, 20231,500463Healthcare occupations
254July 5, 2023500486STEM occupations
253July 4, 2023700511All programs
252June 28, 2023500476Healthcare occupations
251June 27, 20234,300486All programs
250June 8, 20234,800486All programs
249May 24, 20234,800488All programs
248May 10, 2023589691PNP
247April 26, 20233,500483All programs
246April 12, 20233,500486All programs
245March 29, 20237,000481All programs
244March 23, 20237,000484All programs
243March 15, 20237,000490All programs
242March 1, 2023667748PNP
241February 15, 2023699791PNP
240February 2, 20233,300489FSW
239February 1, 2023893733PNP
238January 18, 20235,500490All programs
237January 11, 20235,500507All programs

Canada Express Entry Latest Draw 2022

Express Entry Draw #DateITACRSProgram
236November 23, 20224,750491All programs
235November 9, 20224,750494All programs
234October 26, 20224,750496All programs
233October 12, 20224,250500All programs
232September 28, 20223,750504All Programs
231September 14, 20223,250511All programs
230August 31, 20222,750516All programs
229August 17, 20222,250525All programs
228August 3, 20222,000533All programs
227July 20, 20221,750542All programs
226July 6, 20221,500557All programs
225June 22, 2022636752PNP
224June 8, 2022932796PNP
223May 25, 2022589741PNP
222May 11, 2022545753PNP
221April 27, 2022829772PNP
220April 13, 2022787782PNP
219March 30, 2022919785PNP
218March 16, 2022924754PNP
217March 2, 20221,047761PNP
216February 16, 20221,082710PNP
215February 2, 20221,070674PNP
214January 19, 20221,036745PNP
213January 5, 2022392808PNP

2021 Express Entry Draws

Express Entry Draw #DateITACRSProgram
212December 22, 2021746720PNP
211December 10, 20211032698PNP
210November 24, 2021613737PNP
209November 10, 2021775685PNP
208October 27, 2021888744PNP
207October 13, 2021681721PNP
206September 29, 2021761742PNP
205September 15, 2021521732PNP
204September 14, 20212,000462CEC
203September 1, 2021635764PNP
202August 19th, 20213,000403CEC
201August 18th, 2021463751PNP
200August 5th, 20213,000404CEC
199August 4th, 2021512760PNP
198July 22nd, 20214,500357CEC
197July 21st, 2021462734PNP
196July 8th, 20214,500369CEC
195July 7th, 2021627760PNP
194June 24, 20216,000357CEC
193June 23, 20211,002742PNP
192June 10, 20216,000368CEC
191June 9, 2021940711PNP
190May 31, 20215,956380CEC
189May 26, 2021500713PNP
188May 20, 20211,842397CEC
187May 13, 20214,147401CEC
186May 12, 2021557752PNP
185April 29, 20216,000400CEC
184April 28, 2021381717PNP
183April 16, 20216,000417CEC
182April 14, 2021266753PNP
181April 1, 20215,000432CEC
180March 31, 2021284778PNP
179March 18, 20215,000449CEC
178March 17, 2021183682PNP
177March 8, 2021671739PNP
176February 13, 202127,33275CEC
175February 10, 2021654720PNP
174January 21, 20214626454CEC
173January 20, 2021374741PNP
172January 7, 20214750461CEC
171January 6, 2021250813PNP
170December 23, 20205000468No program specified
169December 9, 20205000469No program specified
168November 25, 20205000469No program specified
167November 18, 20205000472No program specified
166November 05, 20204500478No program specified

2020 Express Entry Draws

Express Entry Draw #DateITACRSProgram
170December 23, 20205000468No program specified
169December 9, 20205000469No program specified
168November 25, 20205000469No program specified
167November 18, 20205000472No program specified
166November 05, 20204500478No program specified

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